Unleash Your Inner Diva with Divatress Wigs

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

Isn’t it fun to dress up and change your look now and then? Even if it’s not Halloween; even if you’re not attending a themed party; even if you’re not a model/actor anyway? We are lucky to be living in a time and a world where we are free to discover our selves and try different things without being judged…by most people…I mean, of course, not everyone will get you and let you be but they don’t really matter anyway, right? Point is changing our physical appearance, be it for fun or self-expression is easy as pie these days! Especially with the Internet, e-commerce, and better & faster shipping options. And what is an easier way to change an appearance than by changing your hair style, or perhaps, just wearing lace wigs!

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Win a FREE Trip to Korea // Unboxing Althea Korea Birthday Box // #AltheaTurns2

I hope you’re following me on my social media & YouTube channel and you saw my posts/announcements about Althea Korea‘s 2nd birthday celebration. It’s amazing how much Althea has grown in just two years, from being a seemingly simple Korean online shop, to having an informative blog, its own app/mobile shop, and a YouTube channel where we can watch Althea’s resident pixies, mermaids, and unicorns. Althea Korea has also expanded to the rest of Southeast Asia–Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand–and is now getting global by serving the USA, and who knows what’s next?

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Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Review

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel is being raved everywhere, ever since. I’ve always been curious about the aloe vera plant and the skin care magic it possess but since I don’t have an actual plant, I decided to try the next best thing. I got my first tub of this product from my first-ever Althea Box; I thought, if I’m gonna explore the world of K-Beauty, I have to start with a basic-yet-cult-favorite skin care product which this is.

Aloe Vera is widely known as sunburn and wound remedy, as well as, some kind of a tonic that contributes to hair growth. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed to be a natural antioxidant and said to have anti-bacterial properties; hence, it is used as a skin treatment to a variety of skin conditions. The gel of the aloe vera leaves has high water content, and many claims that it is naturally soothing, moisturizing, and healing. And while there’s not enough scientific evidence of its benefits, it is still widely used in many countries. Some people claims that the real aloe vera gel (from the actual plant) is too irritating, personally, I can’t really tell; I guess it depends on one’s skin type, eh?

Prior to trying this out, I’ve used other aloe vera gel products before but they’re not good enough (too sticky) for me. When I got this, I was a bit skeptical but have high hopes nonetheless. I’m just glad it didn’t disappoint and while it didn’t wowed me at first, I liked that it’s really refreshing. Eventually, I treasured this product more than my other skin care products (full story later). Let’s talk about the basics first.

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Unboxing Althea Korea Trendy Box #5: MD’s Pick Box

When I received my first-ever Althea Beauty Box, I thought it would be nice if they could also do curated boxes, AND THEY DID! They launched Althea Box first and then Trendy Box late last year. Trendy Box is a specially curated box filled with the latest and trending items in South Korea. A box may be full of makeup items, or skin care products, or both, depending on South Korea’s trend. Each month, they release a Trendy Box at their website which will be available for a limited time only or until supplies last. I like that they show all the items that will be included in each box, no need to guess if it’s really gonna be worth your money. What’s even more amazing is that they offer it at a VERY discounted price!

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Miniso Glorietta 2 Store Opening + Haul

Miniso’s 15th branch is now open at Glorietta 2! I was fortunate enough to get an invite at their official store opening last March 17, 2017. Celebrities–Gabbi Garcia and Rocco Nacino–Miniso officers and VIPs graced the event. The first 20 paying customers got their chance to meet and greet the two celebrity guests. Bloggers and other special guests were given shopping money (in form of GC), as part of their media kit, to try out Miniso products.
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