Manage Your Life with Taiwan Excellence Products

They say that if you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance, be a freelancer, if not your own boss. Ideally, it’s supposed to give you more time in your hands to do more besides your job. Personally, having a home-based work, I don’t really think that I’ve achieve a work-life balance. That’s probably my fault because I still focus more on work and the tasks I have to complete every day. Besides, more work means more money which means bigger budget for leisure, right? I know, that’s not a good excuse. In fact, I noticed that ever since I started using that excuse, I also started losing in life with lesser time for myself, friends, and family; poor health; and, basically, more stress. But do I really need to suffer in all of that just so I could possibly have a happier future? Do we all?

Nowadays, a lot of people find themselves searching for work-life balance. With demands from work, work-life balance appears to be an impossible feat, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Stop stressing and start achieving work-life balance with Taiwan’s best brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, assuring customers of the products’ superior quality. A perfect slice of work-life balance can be possible with the following tips and Taiwan Excellence’s sports and leisure products.

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Product Review: Fashion 21 Two Way Cake Foundation

Fashion 21 Two Way Cake Foundation

Before I share with you my Fashion 21 Two Way Cake foundation review, let me tell you why I chose to try this product. So, I’m actually kind of a newbie when it comes to makeup and I have yet to find the perfect foundation that works for me. Recently, I’ve been interested in exploring local brands and I’m always on a hunt for good-quality yet affordable products. So it was a real treat when I got to try all the variants of the Fashion 21 Two Way Cake.

I’ve been familiar with this brand name since I first started dabbling on makeup but I realized that I don’t really know much about them. Though, a quick Google search led me to their website where I read their brief history. It’s nice to know that Fashion 21 Cosmetics has been around since 1985; decades of history and experience means they’re doing something good and right. It’s also worth noting that the company helps two (2) youth and Christian-oriented charitable foundations; talk about social responsibility!

Alright, sorry for babbling (as always, heh), I had almost a month (almost a week per variant) to try out all the variants of this product. And it’s just about time to tell you how it worked on me.

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Althea Turns 1! Happy Birthday, Althea Korea!


생일 축하합니다 Althea Korea! Nope, I haven’t turned into a fluent Korean (YET, haha!) but thanks to the Internet, I can wish my favorite K-beauty online shop a happy birthday, in Hangul! Hee. If you haven’t been following me on social media or watching my YouTube videos…what’s wrong with you?! LOL Kidding aside, I’ve been raving about Althea Korea ever since they launched their “webshop” to the Philippines. It is my one and only source of affordable and locally unavailable Korean beauty products. Why? Because they offer free international shipping and ships really fast!

Seriously, I love Althea and it is an honor to be invited on their first birthday celebration. YAS~

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Instax and Crafts

Instax and Crafts cover

Rainy days are here and while I love cozying up in a blanket with a book on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other; I really miss the fun Summer activities I had a couple of months ago. Especially, the Arts & Craft workshops like this one–Instax and Crafts–so let me reminisce, heh.

I attended Fujifilm’s Instax and Crafts event at Market! Market! last April. First, I rarely go there but when I was invited to this event, I just couldn’t say no. I can never say no to DIY events and workshops, unless I’m really unavailable, haha. And to tell you honestly, it was worth the travel!

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Taiwan government project “Taiwan Excellence” strengthens Taiwanese brands’ awareness in the Philippines

Photo 2

Whenever I buy products, aside from examining its purpose and functionalities, I always look into where it is made in. For me, as a consumer, a product’s country of origin is also an indicator of its quality. I also tend to favour local and non-China items.

Today, it’s nice to see more brands and products in the market that are from other Asian countries. I also noticed the rise of Taiwanese products especially in gadgets and appliances; thanks to Taiwan’s government project called “Taiwan Excellence” which aims to strengthen Taiwanese brands’ awareness here our country.

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Crafters and Scrappers Workshops

crafters and scappers

Who’s up for another crafting workshop? If you’re into calligraphy or watercolor, you might want to join the Crafters and Scrappers Calligraphy and Floral Watercolor workshops.

ZPosts Manila was nice enough to invite me to this event and I’ll be attending their Calligraphy workshop tomorrow. They have very limited seats though and I’m not sure if they still have available slots. You may, of course, contact the organizers to inquire.

I’m so excited and I hope to see you there!

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Fujifilm “Instax and Crafts” to hold the biggest DIY crafting event this summer


Hello loves! How’s your summer so far? We all know that summer time is not only for travel but also for trying out new activities and hobbies. Also, you all know how much I love crafting, so I’m definitely not going to miss a fun crafting event this weekend called Instax and Crafts, organized by Fujifilm Philippines!

If you love crafting workshops and want to win a year’s supply of Instax films or new Instax cameras, this event is for you! For more information and registration details, read the Instax and Crafts press release below. See you there! Continue reading →

How To Decorate Tumblers For Any Occassion


Valentine’s is over but we still have a lot of occasions and holidays coming this year. And since they’re all actually a yearly thing, it can get hard thinking of gift ideas. Well, let me share my easy go-to gift idea that’s great for any occassion–tumblers!

Tumblers are awesome gifts because it’s practical, re-usable, great for girls or boys, and can be so cute and pretty. Of course you can always buy tumblers at stores; they’re available in all sorts of themes and designs. But if you want to step up on gifting a tumbler, why not make it personalized or custom-made? And if you’re feeling crafty, feel free to DIY! Below are some decorating ideas for different occasions.

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I’ve been Vlogging

Hello, blogosphere! It’s been a while and I’ve been racking up my brains and thinking of the perfect new year post here. I’ve thought of several different topics but I realized that perhaps it will be best to tell you what’s been happening with me. Yes?

Okay, so I’ve been quite MIA in the last quarter of 2015. I have no proper excuse, really. Sure, lots of things (problematic situations actually) happened but back then, I would resort to blogging than wallowing on self-pity. Not that I spent all those times just feeling depressed but it seems that I just lost the drive to blog (during those times at least). IDK, I felt somewhat disconnected to what I was writing here. Yes, of course, all I write here are honest and genuine but I kind of missed writing about me, my life, and my thoughts. I know, so narcissistic, right? But not quite, I like writing, my thoughts, maybe I should really start an offline journal. Haha!

So anyway, I skipped blogging but I started vlogging! Yep, video blog, on YouTube! It’s a different medium, it feels different, it’s really awkward at first and whenever I’m at a public space. But I just tried and I kinda love it.

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Why Maginhawa Needs a Mobile App

MaginhawaAs Manila progressively expand their culinary scene ranging from farm-to-table concepts to authentic Mexican cuisine, the city is quickly ranking as a diverse food capital in Asia. The gastronomic innovations, particularly in street food, have flourished alongside the booming economy, manifesting as one of the drivers for tourism as discussed on The Lonely Planet.

But a Manila resident knows that one does not need to travel far and wide across the metropolitan to see a variety of the city’s food landscape. Although each of the districts offer their own contributions to the array of cuisines, none of them quite live up to the standards set by Maginhawa. Nestled in UP Teacher’s Village, Maginhawa never ceases to surprise and amaze the foodie community, as entrepreneurs share their takes on beloved Filipino favorites and introduce new cultures through international cuisines. Whether you fancy a bowl of flaming Taiwanese noodles, crave a brioche burger, or want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious cupcake, there’s a little something for everyone in this neighborhood.

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Gadget Review: ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0 | See What Others Can’t See

ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 5.0

I’ve been thinking of replacing my phone since August but I couldn’t get myself to doing so because of practical reasons. I was actually saving up for a new one and planning to buy this Christmas or early next year when this ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser came just in time! YAY!

If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my post before unboxing this baby. Anyway, I’ve had a couple of weeks road-testing this phone and it’s about time that I share a review of this amazing gadget. Below is my unboxing video with overview and first impressions. Go ahead and watch it!

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BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox

Remember when Glamourbox used to have monthly subscription boxes? I jumped in late in the beauty box wagon and didn’t have enough moolah to subscribe to all of them but I have tried Glamourbox before. I subscribed to a one-month subscription just to try it out and got a special edition box just like this one. I must say, Glamourbox curates awesome special edition boxes! Imagine my excitement when I heard that they’re offering another special edition box AND for a makeup brand!

To be honest, I was a little hesitant on subscribing to this one because 1. it’s more expensive than my usual beauty box subscription and 2. Glamourbox special edition boxes are always awesome but there was one box that only had two or three products inside which would make you feel like you didn’t really save much by subscribing. BUT they posted a teaser that there’s gonna be a 12-shade eyeshadow palette in the box and I was easily sold. LOL I know and I’m not sorry. Hee.

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