¡Hola! Me llamo Jean! I’m a 20-something bella and I hate describing myself…BUT I’m trying here!

I’m usually at home (somewhere in QC), blogging, managing an online shop, writing, crafting, and reading. When I do get out, I enjoy spending time with my friends and eating good food. Also, I still play The Sims (currently The Sims 4 but I used to play the previous versions too). I used to play MMORPGs and quit upon realizing it was not good for relationships. Hehe

I can’t remember the exact year when I started blogging but it was when there’s still Friendster Blog. Then I transferred to Multiply when it wasn’t a “Marketplace” yet; blogged there most of my college years. Transferred again to Blogger/Blogspot because people were getting so mean in Multiply. Tried blogging with Tumblr but mostly used it for reblogs. And finally settled on a self-hosted WordPress site: http://jeanquiambao.net.

I’m usually a silent reader but I’m now learning to be more FC with other bloggers. Haha! 😛 I like sharing my thoughts, experiences, and anything I find interesting. I would love to make new friends through blogging. 🙂

For a sneak peek of my “writing” and “personality”, see below.

10 Commandments for Bloggers

  1. Thou shall not copy-and-paste without permission.
  2. Thou shall not plagiarize (steal other’s idea without proper citation).
  3. Thou shall not start nor participate in flame wars.
  4. Thou shall be aware and informed about Netiquette.
  5. Thou shall respect others’ ideas and opinions.
  6. Thou shall create honest and peaceful relationship with other bloggers.
  7. Thou shall keep blog updated.
  8. Thou shall not create a list thou can’t finish.
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