The 35th Manila International Book Fair and My Non-book Haul


More than a week ago, I went to the 35th Manila International Book Fair at SMX, SM Mall of Asia. If you’re a bookworm, a librarian, or both, this is the even that you should be familiar with and never miss. Of course, there’s tons of books—fiction and non-fiction—of varying subjects and genres. But what I find interesting in this year’s book fair were the booth of non-book merchandise. There are lots of cool and modern information materials from e-book readers to 3D printers! I know there are more learning gadgets and equipment there but I wasn’t able to visit every booth so I can’t really tell you everything. But yeah, it’s amazing how modern and fun learning can be in this generation.

Honestly, I didn’t want to go there because I know I wouldn’t be able to resist buying something AND I don’t want to hoard more books when I’m not even halfway through my pile of to-read books. But yeah, I still went because my boyfriend persuaded me and told me that we’ll only do some window shopping. He should’ve known better. Haha!

Just as I entered the venue and saw the books, I started a mental debate with myself. The first booth that I checked was National Bookstore’s. I think they have the biggest booth (I may be wrong, I’m not really sure) and they have a lot of new books and some popular titles that were on sale (10%, 20%, etc.). I was both sad and happy that there weren’t many good titles at the 99-peso books-on-sale at NBS, I used to hoard lots of awesome hardbound books in the past MIBF’s.

After convincing myself that I should not really buy any book that time, I saw the shelves of school & office supplies at the NBS booth and, voila, the shopping monster in me went cray-cray and locked my will power in the dark.

Okay, in my irrational defense, I’ve been looking for those chalk markers for the longest time! I was surprised when the SA told me that I could buy them at any National Bookstore branch because I can’t even count the times I went to their branches near me and asked for those specific things only to get a confused look from the SA’s at those branches. So yeah, I bought some because I don’t know if I’ll ever get them at the branches in my area. I had to control myself to not buy all colors because they’re not really that cheap. #pooritaproblems LOL


Uni has chalk markers in various colors and in broad and fine tips. Too bad the colors that I want were out of stock. Artline only has one color of chalk marker, and yes, it’s white—just like a regular chalk. And I also bought a gold paint marker from Artline because I think it’ll be perfect for holiday DIY projects. Hee.

I told you before that I have a thing for pens, so it’s only obvious that I got these cute pens! And those three normal-looking pens are freebies.


Chalkboard for practicing. That cool bookmark is made out of wood and I love the laser-cut statement! I have to admit, I bought the stapler and tape set ONLY because they’re pink. Heh. Those four items are from NBS too. That Pasaway to-do list pad is so funny I have to buy it! Haha. I forgot the name of the booth where I got that, they were selling lots of quirky notepads, planners, and cards.


Got these back-issue magazines at only 50 pesos each from Summit Media booth! I love Real Living Philippines though I do hope that they reach the level of international RL magazines.


Oh, and yeah, I got lucky at the pick-a-prize of Buqo booth. Buqo is an e-book and e-zine reader app and they also sell e-books and e-zines. I won back issues of some magazines. Yay!

I sure went home happy that day! Thanks to my boyfriend for convincing me. Hehe.

I’m curious…
Did you attend this year’s MIBF? Share your haul!
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    • Jean Quiambao says:

      What brand are they using on HGTV? Speaking of DIY shows, I wish we have a Martha Stewart shop here!! Hehe. BTW, these chalk markers are really good! Haven’t tried the one from Artline yet but the Uni markers are awesome! They apply to most surfaces, so far, I used it on wood, metal, plastic, glass, and paper. 😉

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