5 Signs That You’re a Short Girl (for the in-denial ones)

Okay, so I’m not really a short girl. Well, not short-short…at least in our country…I’m very close to the average height. But I’m not average…NOR short!

So, who needs a sign to tell if she’s really a short girl? Maybe those of us who can’t accept this annoying fact. And, especially, those people who think that everyone else are just VERY tall.

Alright, here it goes~

1. You love wearing shorts, you’d wear it every day!


Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, but you can’t really find any pants that suit you perfectly. Besides, shorts make your legs appear longer.

2. Group photos scare you

short girl problems

Either you’re always in front or everything is just awkward, like, where would you put your hands?

3. Platform heels is your best friend!

platform heels

You entire shoe collection is dominated by different platform heels. It makes you taller, makes you happy, and gives you a boost in confidence, it is indeed your best friend!

4. You look up to a lot of people, literally


You do this several times a day, you’re lucky if you don’t get a stiff neck.

5. You always find yourself in the most difficult situation.


Everyday chores can either turn into workouts or accidents. #thestruggle

But hey, don’t worry, you’ll always be cute!

I’m curious…
If you’re short too, what do you love about being one?

Let me hear your thoughts and leave a reply down below. ;)
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