August 2015 BDJ Box Elite: Love is On (Revlon Exclusive) | Unboxing & First Impressions

August 2015 BDJ Box : Love is On (Revlon Exclusive)

I’m still in love with my first-ever BDJ Box Elite that I got last August so let me share my unboxing with you guys. Hee.

As I’ve said in my previous unboxing blog, that was the last regular BDJ Box for this year and they’re now exclusively offering Elite boxes. It came in the mail around the second week of August, two days before my birthday actually. Yay, thanks BDJ Box for my birthday gift (which I bought for myself, haha)! It’s so great to receive a BDJ Box early; unlike before, when we usually receive the boxes by the third or fourth week of the month.

There was an issue with my box though. When I opened it, it looked like I was missing some items. I was confused, but then I saw some photos online from other subscribers and they have more items in their boxes! Thankfully, when I mentioned it on my Instagram post, BDJ Box team was quick to respond and told me that it, indeed, is lacking some items and they will send them to me. I actually talked more about this little issue on my unboxing video, so if you want to know more about it, watch the video below.

So yeah, it’s longer than usual because I was feeling a little more chatty when I filmed this. Too bad I was not able to upload it earlier because of our super FAIL Internet connection a few weeks ago (but that’s an entirely different topic to let’s leave it at that).

ANYWAY, below is my complete review of the August 2015 BDJ Box Elite.

August 2015 BDJ Box : Love is On (Revlon Exclusive) Unboxing

Items and First Impressions

This is the first BDJ Box Elite for this year and it comes in a larger box than that of a regular BDJ Box. It’s not as big as the previous Elite boxes though. It may also be the new design of Elite boxes. This black matte box with gold engravings is so pretty and glam!

The August BDJ Box Elite is also an exclusive box by Revlon. Upon seeing the exclusive sleeve of the box, I knew it was gonna be awesome and I was right!

Inside the box are the goodies, a printed quote (as a replacement for the regular box’s stickers), and lots of info cards. The quote–“Be your own kind of beautiful“–is a nice reminder for everyone. I wonder if it will change in the next Elite boxes. The charts/guides are nice additions and are very helpful.

The theme of this Revlon exclusive BDJ Box Elite is The Look of Love: Love is On. I immediately thought of Valentine’s day but it was August and I got a little confused. LOL. But reading the message from the BDJ Box, I realized that it’s not just about that special day.

  • Revlon Powder Blush (Oh Baby! Pink)
    Revlon Powder Blush (Oh Baby! Pink)
  • Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay (Dark Brown)
    Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay (Dark Brown)
  • Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art (Black Brilliance)
    Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art (Black Brilliance)
  • Revlon by Marchesa Super Lustrous Lipstick (Shine: Pink Cognito)
    Revlon by Marchesa Super Lustrous Lipstick (Shine: Pink Cognito)
  • Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer (Smoky Topaz)
    Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer (Smoky Topaz)
  • Revlon by Marchesa Core Nail Enamel (Gray Suede)
    Revlon by Marchesa Core Nail Enamel (Gray Suede)
  • Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color (Medium Auburn)
    Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color (Medium Auburn)
  • Revlon Lash Curler with Replacement Pad
    Revlon Lash Curler with Replacement Pad
  1. Revlon Powder Blush (Php 575, 5g) – I got the shade 001: Oh Baby! Pink which is, actually, a very light pink color. I love the compact; it has a mirror and a soft brush inside.
  2. Revlon Brow Fantasy by ColorStay (Php 575, 0.31g of pencil & 1.18mL of gel) – This two-in-one product is awesome! Mine comes in the Dark Brown shade which is perfect for me. The pencil is soft and the gel is just perfect.
  3. Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art (Php 625, 3mL each) – I got the color combo called Black Brilliance with a metallic black cream eye shadow and a white glitter eye liner. This is sooo new to me. In fact, it’s actually a new product in the Philippine market! It’s probably the most interesting product in the box.
  4. Revlon by Marchesa Super Lustrous Lipstick (Php 350, 4.2g) – Got a Shine lipstick in Pink Cognito shade. It’s very sheer, I kind of wish I have a different shade. And too bad it doesn’t have the cap design as shown in the info card.
  5. Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer (Php 525, 5.9mL) – Mine comes in Smoky Topaz which is a nice nude color. This is my most favorite item from the box! It’s also new in the Philippine market. Love the packaging too!
  6. Revlon by Marchesa Core Nail Enamel (Php 225, 14.7mL) – I got the Gray Suede shade; it’s a perfect neutral/nude nail polish for me. It’s also quick drying.
  7. Revlon ColorSilk Beautiful Color (Php 395, 100mL) – I have the Medium Auburn shade. I will try this out one day and see if it can make my jet-black hair prettier. Hee.
  8. Revlon Lash Curler with Replacement Pad (Php 300) – I was surprised to see a beauty tool but also glad to have one.

August 2015 BDJ Box : Love is On (Revlon Exclusive) Contents

Theme, Worth, Quality

The August 2015 BDJ Box Elite: Love is On has the items you need to get that look of love, everyday, even if it’s not Valentine’s day. The items are also perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Everything comes in full size and there are some items that are not out in the Philippine market yet. BDJ Box Elite subscribers surely feels like VIP for being the first ones to try them out; I know I do, hee. And actually, I haven’t tried most of the products in the box so I’m very happy to get them and I finally have the chance to try them out.

This box’s quality is highly commendable. For Php 1,480 (subscription fee), we got a box filled with items worth Php 3,570 in total. That’s more than twice the amount of what I paid for and is definitely worth it!

This Revlon exclusive Elite box will definitely raise expectations for the next Elite boxes. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Though, I might just check out other people’s unboxing then because, sadly, all of the Elite boxes for this year are now sold out. *Sniff sniff*

Oh well, it’s not like I can afford to subscribe to BDJ Box Elite boxes EVERY month anyway. I really hope that they’ll bring back the regular BDJ Box subscriptions next year. Please, BDJ Box team, please!

For subscription options and more information, you may visit Check them out on social media at @BDJBox.

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