August Collective Haul: Discounts, Samples, Gifts

august haul

Hey everyone! Hope all is well. ^_^ August has been good to me, thank heavens! It was a hella busy month but I enjoyed it so much. Thanks to everyone who remembered me and my birthday; thanks for all the greetings and gifts; and thank the Universe for the amazing opportunities that made my birth month extra special! SO, I thought I’d share the stuff that I got for my birth month. ^_^

Alright, since this is a haul post, let me start with the stuff that I bought. Oh, yes, I didn’t feel guilty about shopping randomly last month; hey, it’s my birth month! Haha!


Exhibit A: random necessities. LOL. I actually did a haul video on some of these items; if you want to know where I got them and how much they cost, watch my haul video here. Hee. My favorites in this photo are the statement throw pillow, tripod, and new specs that I got from Visio-Rx Philippines. I’m actually proud of myself that I didn’t spent a lot on these stuff. I got discounts on most of them and the CD-R King items are, as always, ridiculously cheap!


Exhibit B: beauty essentials bought on impulse and a magazine from le boyfie. Okay, I obviously didn’t put much thought when I took this photo because, seriously, what is that magazine about food doing there? Haha! Anyway, I also did a separate haul video on the beauty items here so if you want to know the prices, watch me be awkweird here. Heh.


Exhibit C: my August collective Sample Room haul. I was so happy that they had really good and interesting products last month. Also, good thing that I was still a VIP when these came out! I know, I am sooo behind on my Sample Room haul posts but if you want me to write a review on any specific item/s on these photo, let me know in the comments below! ^_~

Unboxing My First-ever BDJ Box: August 2014

Exhibit D: *drumrolls* my first-ever BDJ Box!!! I finally bought/subscribed to this much-talked-about beauty box and I’m actually fairly satisfied with my first box. If you want to know more about this, read my unboxing here! ^_^

I’d probably have more if I didn’t have to spend so much on other more important matters. I actually have a list of things to get for myself (birthday gift to self stuff) but oh well, there’s always next year! Hehe. Alright, so now let’s move on to the gifts! Oh, by the way, I just want to remind everyone that I’m not posting all of these to brag or whatever. I just really want to share these awesome stuff that might interest anyone and, of course, it’s just to document my life and such. ^_^


There’s no words for how grateful I am to have thoughtful and generous family and loved ones. I’m so happy that they gave me things that I actually love, want, and need. Thank you, you know who you are! <3


Can we talk about that juicer please?!! ^_^ I’ve been wanting to have one and thank gods for my awesome boyfriend for giving me this on my birthday! You know I love you! <3 And look at that tea set, that is just so cute! Thanks to my sister for remembering how I fell in love with this when I first laid eyes on it! <3

I know, gifts and perks should probably not be considered a haul but whatever, I’m still putting them here! Haha! Sorry, not sorry. Okay, lastly, I’m lucky and thankful to have the opportunity to attend another blogger event last month and these are what I got.


How can you not love Flawless?! That’s right, you can’t. Seriously, this came at a perfect time! I need to get me some Flawless pampering soon!! Please stay tuned for a blog post about this and their new skincare line–Novexpert.

Alright, that’s everything for the month of August! I’m definitely a happy girl not just because of the things that I got but for everything else that I had for my birth month. Thank you Universe, I love you too! <3 Hee.

I’m curious…
What’s your favorite in this haul?
Do you like splurging on your birthday?

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought some of these items using my own, hard-earned moolah. Other items are free samples, promotional giveaways, blogger perks, and gifts. I am neither paid nor asked to write this post. All thoughts and opinions here are based on my personal experience and are not prejudiced.


  1. Shayne says:

    happy birthday jean! natawa naman ako with that magazine haha. dont worry it happens to me too! you got so much stuff! my fave would have to be the facial strips, i tried it a couple of weeks ago… funny story i actually asked my bf to rip it off my face cause i was too scared to do it to myself haha. it was fun and the product is actually nice!
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