BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox | Unboxing & First Impressions

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox

Remember when Glamourbox used to have monthly subscription boxes? I jumped in late in the beauty box wagon and didn’t have enough moolah to subscribe to all of them but I have tried Glamourbox before. I subscribed to a one-month subscription just to try it out and got a special edition box just like this one. I must say, Glamourbox curates awesome special edition boxes! Imagine my excitement when I heard that they’re offering another special edition box AND for a makeup brand!

To be honest, I was a little hesitant on subscribing to this one because 1. it’s more expensive than my usual beauty box subscription and 2. Glamourbox special edition boxes are always awesome but there was one box that only had two or three products inside which would make you feel like you didn’t really save much by subscribing. BUT they posted a teaser that there’s gonna be a 12-shade eyeshadow palette in the box and I was easily sold. LOL I know and I’m not sorry. Hee.

Babbling aside, this blog is about my unboxing and first impressions on the BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox. I know, this blog post is super late <insert work-related excuses here> so if you wanna see my actual first impression (plus swatches), watch the video below.

As you can see, if you watched the video above, I really love this box. Okay, now let’s talk more about the box and all the products inside.

Items and First Impressions

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox is a special edition box that was offered last September. Obviously, this is a BYS exclusive box to showcase the brand’s makeup line.

The box has a special design to show the partner brand for this edition. Design is simple but still pretty. The best thing about the actual box of Glamourbox is that it’s very sturdy. It is a hard box (imagine Apple gadget box/case) and the box and every product inside are very well protected with lots of bubble wrap. We all know that bubble wrap is a must when packaging makeup items.

Inside the box is the info card with Glamourbox’s short message in front and the product list at the back. Then there’s a tissue paper covering the products inside. The items are neatly stacked and protected with bubble wrap.

  • BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Nude 1)
  • BYS Contour Trio (Sweet)
  • BYS Blush Duo (Paint it Pink)
  • BYS Matte Lipstick (Tango)
  • BYS Brow Definition Kit (Wow Brows)
  • BYS Nail Polish (Mauve-in On Up)
  1. BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Php 1,199, 12g) – The reason why I subscribed to this box! I got the Nude 1 palette which has a lot of neutrals and some dark shades. They say that this is a dupe for UD’s Naked palette. But this one is more affordable!
  2. BYS Contour Trio (Php 449, 8g) – I got the Sweet palette. This is my very first contour palette and I’m excited to use it!
  3. BYS Blush Duo (Php 349, 5g) – Mine comes in the shade Paint it Pink with blue undertones. I’m afraid it doesn’t match my skin tone but I’m willing to experiment. Heh.
  4. BYS Matte Lipstick (Php 299, 3.5g) – I got the shade of Tango which seems like a very red color but lighter when swatched. I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of the packaging of this product.
  5. BYS Brow Definition Kit (Php 399, 4g) – My palette is called Wow Brows, not sure if there are other variations. This is also my very first brow kit/palette. I’m so happy that it’s included in the box!
  6. BYS Nail Polish (Php 199, 14g) – Got the shade Mauve-in On Up which is actually a purple color. I’m not really a fan of purple nail polishes but the color pay-off is nice and the polish itself is okay.

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox

Theme, Worth, Quality

This special edition Glamourbox doesn’t really have a theme but it showcases the must-have BYS products. If only it had a foundation, concealer, mascara, etc., it would be an awesome complete makeup kit!

This box costs Php 1,100 (plus shipping fee) but everything has a total worth of Php 2,894; that’s double the value! Everything came in full size, there’s a total of six items inside (which is more than what I expected), and the products have great quality and affordable prices. This box is so worth it!

Overall, the BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox is perfect for anyone who loves makeup! It’s a great starter kit for beginners or an expansion kit for pros. It would be an awesome gift for your girlfriend, sister, or even your mom!

I hope that Glamourbox will resume offering monthly subscription boxes and continue to offer amazing special edition boxes like this one.

For subscription options and more information, you may visit Check them out on social media at @GlamourboxPH.

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