Collective Shopping Haul: Cute and Pretty Finds

Reading blogs and browsing Pinterest everyday inspires me to be more creative. Yes, I do like cute and pretty things ever since but I would always avoid that “temptation” because my alter ego would argue the practicality of those stuff. It’s definitely a struggle whenever I go shopping or window-shopping, LOL!

But last month, I have indulged myself a bit. Only a little! Heh. I can be impulsive and may have hoarder tendencies, and no, I’m not proud of that. Tsk. But these pretty little things here are too cute to ignore! ^_^

What are they? Lemme tell you pic-by-pic…

  1. Daiso Finds – A dish stand which I do not intend to use for dishes. A set of two pretty pink frames. A very cute cupcake plate.
    Alter ego: Why buy something and not use it for its original purpose?
    Me: Because I’m creative~ and resourceful~!
  2. Papemelroti Haul – I love Papemelroti! Look at those pretty new designs. And oh, they have more scrapbooking stuff now like stickers and those CraftCuts!! To be honest, I intended for some of those stuff be on my blog anniversary (last March 9th) giveaway but, well, things didn’t go as planned. Pfft.
    Alter ego: So what are you going to do with them now?
    Me: I could do a birthday giveaway! Four months from now…right? Hmm, would anyone want to receive scrapbooking/craft supplies?
  3. Home Works Finds – Two pink scented candles. Why? I don’t know, my rational brain might have been asleep when I bought those! Haha! They’re cute though, right? Hihi
    Alter ego: So, did you use them already?
    Me: No, but they’re still cute!
  4. Robinsons Department Store Mini Haul – Fragrance oil for my room. Unscented tea light candles. And two candle warmers.
    Alter ego: FIRST, Candles again? Seriously? How many candles do you need, for real?!? SECOND, two colors OF THE SAME THING?!?
    Me: First, I can’t use the other candles for the candle warmer, can I? I have to use a tea light candle, don’t I? Second, in my defense, they were on sale and I couldn’t pick one between the two colors because I love them both! Heh.
  5. NBS Purchase – The Candy DIY Book! So much craft projects and ideas!! Yay!!!
    Alter ego: Don’t you already have Martha Stewart’s craft book? And aren’t all the DIY projects and ideas on that book you just bought are ALSO available on the Internet FOR FREE?
    Me: Shut up!

I may also have other stuff I bought last month that are not included in the pictures. They are cute too but it seems that I forgot to take a picture of them so…next time na lang! Hehe ^_^


I’m curious…
What’s the cutest thing you bought recently? Was it an impulsive buy?

Let me hear your thoughts and leave a reply down below. ;)
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  1. Miss`Chievous says:

    Naku sis! I just ranted about my current craft purchase sa blog ko. I can so relate to your post. Sabi nga na kasama ko sa Art & Hobby store last weekend, ‘o anu na ginagawa mu jan?’. I was like in a trance, debating with myself on whether to buy this or that. HAhaha. Tapos yung book about doodles. I wanted to buy din pero it was wayyy expensive. Yung binili ko is Vintage set ng double sided pens for doodling. I decided to go back to my old love. hehehe. 😀 Tapos I reasoned na I will integrate this into blogging and I will make money out of it. Hence, the investment on the pens.

    Enjoyed your haul!:)
    Miss`Chievous recently posted…{E} is for Euphoria

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Haha! IKR!! Adik din ako sa pens basta cute and colorful. LOL Sayang nga, I’m not good at doodling. I want to try calligraphy rin! Ang dami kong gustong gawin sa totoo lang! HAHAHA!! Thanks, BTW! ^_^

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Thank you, Angel! 🙂 Ok lang kahit you didn’t buy that book, simple projects lang naman and they’re everywhere in the Net! Ako kasi, I’m a Candy girl talaga (hahahaha) kaya I bought one. 🙂

  2. Jhanz says:

    Awesome haul! How I wish I’m as creative as you so I could make the most out of my purchases hehehe!

    BTW, I have the same owl notebook from papemelroti and I definitely loooooove it! Sana lang magamit ko ng maayos hehe 😀

  3. Genzel says:

    Ohh my I’m guilty about these too. Been buying cute and pink stuff lately :O and candles and home fragrance, almost everything, we are in the same boat haha.

    Envy with the pink frames and cupcake saucer! I can find any nice cute frames in Daiso near our place 🙁

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      I got them from Daiso at Robinsons Galleria sis. 🙂 I don’t usually go there rin kaya medyo nagsisi ako na yan lang binili ko..there are other designs of cupcake saucers pa e! Hehe 😛

  4. Anna says:

    The closest I’ve done to anything crafty as of late was to dig up my unsued materials from art classes and tried to make something out it. Failed, so far! Haha.

    I do, however, love this haul post! I’m seeing some useful stuff here I wanna purchase for myself too. Love the stuff from Daiso and the candles!! I always pass by Papemelroti when I go to Glorietta but never went inside other than my visit last year.. feeling ko I’ll buy the whole store kasi. Can’t get enough of paper stuff!!

    My last impulsive purchase was this 1TB HDD because it was on sale and I feel like I got a good deal naman. Other than that, more tech products. Ugh. I kind of have a buyer’s remorse pero “ginusto mo yan eh”. :))
    Anna recently posted…Instaxin’ Around Hong Kong

  5. Danica Marie Abrigo says:

    Hi sis 🙂 OMG! I love your hauls. They are so cute especially the pink candles. I’ve been hunting a cute candles last week but since you shared your hauls to us. I guess I know where to buy! hihih. 🙂 And oh, do you know where can I buy an Eiffel Tower? yung pang display and color pink. And before I forget Congratulations on winning at Sample Room contest. You are so lucky. And if you don’t mind, I will added you to my nominated bloggers for “Sunshine Blogger Award”. Will be posting it tomorrow. 🙂

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Sis! Thank you, thank you!! ^_^
      I’m glad we could help each other through blogging lang. 🙂 BTW, I bought na rin the Bench Acnedot I saw on your blog. Haven’t tried it yet though.
      About the Eiffel Tower, if you have time and if you could go to Divisoria, marami dun and mas mura. 🙂 But I saw some at Landmark, Trinoma, sa gift section ba tawag dun? Basta yung floor above food court/grocery, the area near gym equipments and CDs and gadgets. Sorry, ang gulo ata! Sana makita mo. Hehe 🙂

  6. shayne says:

    hi jean i have a strong feeling that i like how your room is decorated, these are stuff that i would buy myself 🙂 and i seriously need to find that cupcake dish at daiso asap parang ive never seen it before here.

  7. Kristeta says:

    HAHA! I suffer from the Pinterest Syndrome too. Too many cute finds and then you’d question what would you actually do with these things… And the fact that with stores like Daiso (formerly Saizen) are such enablers since they cost less than a hundred bucks.

    Which is kind of why it takes 200% willpower not to just grab anything that catches my eye every time I go to Daiso or any similar store. 😀
    Kristeta recently posted…A Trip to Brazil

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      I know! I know!! Haha! That’s why before I go to the counter/cashier, I would always ask myself a hundred times if I really, really need what’s in my shopping cart/basket. 😀

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