Crafthursday: February Washi Mini Projects

Greetings, Internet people! I’ve been MIA on blogging this week (except for the post I made on Monday). I was feeling under the weather last Tuesday and had a really busy schedule yesterday, today, and for the rest of the week actually. Anyway, I’m feeling too drained to do anything else today so here’s a new entry! Heee ^_^

So last year I got slightly addicted to washi and other decor tapes and made random DIY projects. Now I got more tape designs and started selling some too. *please excuse my shameless plug*

For this week’s Crafthursday, I just want to share my mini projects using washi tapes. These are what I made this month. I hope I can find more time for my to-do DIY projects. ^_^

  • Use washi tapes to add a touch of style to your plain-looking tools
  • Love highlighters? Washi is better and prettier!
  • Washi tape a piece of memento to your journal
  • Mark a special day in your planner/calendar with washi tape
  • Make your eyeglasses frame look new just by adding washi
  • Dual purpose: (1) hides dirt and scratch marks (2) makes it better-looking
  • Cover a boring case with fun-looking washi tapes!


I’m curious…
How many washi tapes do you have in your craft supplies stash?
What are you latest washi tape projects?

Share them with me and leave a reply down below! ^_^
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