Crafthursday: Paper Crane Origami


Two days ago I made my first-ever-successful paper crane origami. Yay! I’ve been doing origami for quite some time now but I haven’t really made a decent crane. LOL I think I’m only using a phone app then for the instructions and it can get really confusing. I know I could’ve just watched some video tutorials over at YouTube but they’re also confusing; there’s one video where they would skip parts/steps and I can’t figure out what they did, so. I should stop ’cause I’m sounding lame, I know. Heh.

ANYWAY, so I finally made a normal-looking paper crane origami the other day and this is how it looks:

That time, I kept on practicing and tried doing it in various sizes. The next day, I made the smallest one yet.

I find it cute and I’d probably keep on making more on that size. They say you could make a wish if you made 1,000 paper cranes…please do correct me if I’m wrong (I’m lazy to verify it with Google, heh).

Actually, I made a video tutorial for this paper crane origami but I accidentally deleted it on the camera! Yey, me! Ugh. >.< I got so irritated with my self and decided not repeat everything today. On another time, perhaps.

I enjoyed making these paper cranes. I find origami relaxing. And I might also try other patterns! ^_^

I’m curious…
Do you know how to make a paper crane origami?
If yes, how many have you made?
If not, would you like to try it?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below. ;)
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    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Yes! Lalo na pag different colors or patterned paper yung gagamitin. 😀 I’m not really sure about that number but I guess pwedeng ipunin lang? Di ko rin keri ang 1k in one day! Haha!

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