Crafthursday: Washify a Boring Case

Hey everyone! Did you miss me? I hope so…because I miss y’all (and blogging)! ^_^

For this week’s Crafthursday, I’m gonna show you the step-by-step instructions of how I washified a boring case as seen in my previous Crafthursday entry.

I have this hobby knife set and it comes in a really boring blue case. I’m always using it and I thought it needs to get pretty! So one day, I got crazy with washi tapes and did this! Heh. Alright, in this gallery/slideshow, is how did it.

It’s really important to use quality washi tapes because as you can see in one of the photos above, the pink-and-yellow-diamond-patterned washi tape was not very sticky. Yes it will stick when you apply it on anything but it will peel off almost instantly!! I bought that one at some shop before I started my online shop–Hungry Shopper. That roll was only 50 pesos but I think it’s only five meters long and sadly, has a very low quality. What a waste! >.< Thankfully, I now have more and new washi tapes with a much higher quality! BTW, I sell washi tapes too and they’re really good! Plus we offer them at a very affordable price and we have promos! Check them out HERE! ^_^ Of course, I have to promote! Heh.


I’m curious…
How many washi tapes do you have? Do you use them?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below. ;)
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  1. jackieuy says:

    Good idea 🙂 But I’ve always wondered why washi tapes are so expensive. I’ve seen some tapes ridiculously priced at around NT$150 here in Taipei, that’s roughly 200+ in peso. But they really look pretty 🙂
    jackieuy recently posted…Holding on

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Yes, especially MT brand right? Perhaps it’s their designs, it’s unique, perhaps it’s even copyrighted/patented (LOL, I’m not sure which is the correct term for that)!!

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