DIY: Hand-made Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated worldwide every October 5th. I was browsing through Pinterest for gift ideas to give to my teacher friends and I thought I should share some here. 🙂

Click the image/s if you want to see detailed instructions on how to make them. Some doesn’t have instructions, though I’ll try to explain how I think one should make it.

Best for Art Teachers

Crayon Monogram with Printable Card

#1 Teacher Banner with Paper-cut Hands. How-to: Use colored paper to cut out triangles for the banner/bunting; to cut out letters and hands. Arrange everything on the banner (could be made of paper too) and glue them on. Write your (student) name on the hands. Hang this banner on your teacher’s office door or on your classroom door/wall.

Students’ Hand Prints. Using cardboard/paper/fabric, cut out a heart shape; decorate. Use watercolors to make the hand prints; decorate with your name. Add a “Happy Teachers’ Day” note and ribbons for hanging. Hang on your teacher’s door.

Pencil Flowers

Best for Computer Teachers

Computer Keyboard Monogram. Find a spare or broken computer keyboard. Detach the keys; arrange them to make a letter (initial of your teacher); glue them on a board; frame it. Optional: add a printed name of your teacher.

Best for English (Language) Teachers

DIY S’mores Kit. Pack a chocolate bar, pieces of graham crackers, a piece of mallow; find/make that printable tag; give to your teacher.

Mint Loot Bag. Pack your teacher’s favorite mints; make and print the tag; tie it up with a ribbon.

Caramel Apple

Highlighter Set

Best for Math Teachers

Custom Math Clock

Numbers Flower Vase. For math teachers, best to use numbers only.

For Every Kind of Teacher



Another lovely card design for your best teacher

Bake some cupcakes and make/print this cupcake topper.

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