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Lately I’ve been checking out FLAWLESS products and I’m really curious about their them. Whenever I go to their clinic and every time I pass by their product stand at the department store, I always see a lot of people buying their skin care products. I guess it’s really effective!

I really want to try their skin care kits but I still have quite a lot of unopened skin care products at home. With that in mind, I would always skip buying any FLAWLESS product. However, it seems like none of what I’m currently using are working. So this week, I decided to finally give FLAWLESS a try. I was supposed to buy one when I visited their clinic last Monday but I forgot to! So it was really nice that FLAWLESS has an online shop. I love online shopping! Heh.

As soon as I got home, I checked out their online shop for a quick online shopping. I bought their SAS Soap which is for acne-prone skin. Ordering online through their website is easy and hassle-free. I’m also impressed by their fast shipping; I got mine just after two days!

I’m actually not new to their online shop, I usually visit it to purchase vouchers for their services (facials). This is the first time that I bought a product from them online. I was not able to document the process when I placed my previous order so I just made a new one to show you how easy it is. ^_^

How to shop at FLAWLESS Online Shop

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Start by going to http://flawless.com.ph/shop on your browser then sign in or register. Their online shop is user-friendly and clean, it’s easy to browse products. Follow the steps on the slideshow below.

  • You can limit your search, they categorized their products. You could buy their kits online.
  • Check out these vouchers for their services with a free session!
  • Click “View details” to know more about the product/service
  • This is the overview of your cart, you can add and remove items here
  • Provide the shipping address
  • Currently, they only use Xend as their shipping courier
  • Choose how you would like to pay. You can pay online using PesoPay or via bank at BDO.
  • When you see the “SHIPPED” status, that means you can expect your parcel to arrive at least one day after that

They have a delivery charge but it’s only minimal. After choosing your payment method, you can review your order. Don’t forget to confirm your order to complete your transaction.

FLAWLESS   Powered by Skin Professionals   Summary

After that, you should see a confirmation message regarding your order. You’ll also receive a confirmation email. If you’re paying at a bank, remember to provide your payment details. To do that, go again to the FLAWLESS online shop, log in, and click on “My account” to view your order history. Then follow the steps in the slideshow below.

  • Click on “VIEW DETAILS” on your pending order
  • Submit your bank transaction details

Once your payment is confirmed, your order will be processed for delivery. They will send you an email regarding the shipping date. If you want to track the progress of your transaction, you could always check your order history. Below is my order status history when I ordered SAS Soap.

When you see the "SHIPPED" status, that means you can expect your parcel to arrive at least one day after that

When you see the “SHIPPED” status, that means you can expect your parcel to arrive at least one day after that

Ain’t that super easy? I’m really happy with my transaction with FLAWLESS online shop. It was really convenient that I’m considering just ordering online the next time I want to buy another product/s from them.

I’m curious…
Have you tried any of the FLAWLESS products?
What do you think of the FLAWLESS Online Shop?

Let me hear your thoughts and leave a reply down below. ;)
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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the item using my own, hard-earned moolah. I am NOT paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinion remains honest, genuine, and NOT biased.


  1. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    I’ve bought my first Flawless product in Watson’s and I think I didn’t get to use it because my mom used it. Haha. Sa kanya na lang daw. Until I got a lot of products to try out that I forgot to buy Flawless again. Anyway, I love their website, super pink and girly. And true enough, it’s user-friendly. I hate sites that I need to keep searching for the buttons I needed. :/ Would definitely try this site soon.

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Nice of you to give it to your mom! 🙂 I miss my mom tuloy, I actually want to share with her a lot of the products in my stash kaso she’s outside the country. Anyway, yep, that’s what I love about their site talaga, it’s super easy to use! 😉

  2. Hazel Asoy says:

    Ok! This is the answer to the “lack of flawless branch” problem that I have. Thank you for sharing about the site,. I would love to try the eye cream cozmy eyes badly needed it 🙂

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