Girl Bonding: FLAWLESS Classic Facial Experience

Last Monday, I invited my sisters and cousin for a fun girl bonding. Since they all haven’t tried FLAWLESS, I thought it’s perfect to treat them (and myself too, of course! hee) to a Classic Facial. Actually, it’s also their first facial ever!

Knowing that it was a holiday, I made sure to book an appointment before going to the clinic. TIP: If you hate waiting, call your favorite FLAWLESS clinic to book an appointment! We arrived at the clinic just in time for our schedule but we still had to wait (not too long) because they had a lot of customers that day. Not a problem with me because I get it, it’s a holiday!

Their branch at SM North EDSA Annex is spacious. The clinic is super clean and pretty AND everything is pink (with gold accents)! We love it, of course, girls love pink! Hee.

For first time visitors, you’ll be asked to sign a patient form. Don’t worry it’s just a short and basic form. Their classic facial is affordable at only Php 399! I’m sure, even if you’re still a student, you can save for it. ^_^ And that price is actually cheaper than other clinics.

We waited comfortably in the clinics receiving area. They have cute and comfy pink ottomans. They also have a lot of current magazines which my sisters and cousin enjoyed reading. As for me, I checked out their nicely displayed products and just admired their pretty chandelier (I posted it on my Instagram). There’s also a TV showing testimonials, products and services info, and their brand ambassadors. It’s very imformative and you’ll get to learn more about their products and services. The receptionist was nice, friendly, and very accommodating; she made sure we were comfortable and she kept us updated while we wait.

After a few minutes, we’re called to go inside the clinic room for our facial. But before entering the room, they asked us to sanitized our hands first to ensure cleanliness. I love their automatic sanitizer dispenser by the way. From here on, I was not able to take photos because we all had our facial at the same time (no photographer available! haha) which is nice because it really felt like a bonding experience for us.

Inside a FLAWLESS clinic room. Photo grabbed from FLAWLESS' Facebook Page.

Inside a FLAWLESS clinic room. Photo grabbed from FLAWLESS’ Facebook Page.

Each patient gets his/her own packed facial kit. It has all the stuff that’s gonna be used for your facial. You can always be sure that they use clean and sterile products. There’s no individual rooms nor dividers, all beds are beside one another. We don’t mind, as I said, it was our bonding. Hee.

Classic facial includes steaming, vacuuming and extraction of blackheads/whiteheads. I forgot the name of my aesthetician but she was really nice and made sure that I am comfortable all throughout the session. Alright, so for the classic facial, first the aesthetician will ask you to inhale an aromatic oil (smells like peppermint) to help you relax before cleansing your face. And then she’ll do a facial massage if you don’t have any exposed pimple or acne.

I was lucky that I don’t have a pimple that day so I got a massage, I’m not sure how long it lasted but it was really nice. The pressure was perfect (my aesthetician made sure it was comfortable for me) and it felt good having my face massage. I kind of think it helps remove extra facial fats, LOL. Kidding aside, massage is good for blood circulation. Some of my sisters weren’t able to get a facial massage because of their pimple. I told them they missed something great! Haha!

Next is steaming. Again, I don’t remember how long it took, 5-10 mins. I guess? Before steaming, they’ll put an eye gel and cotton rounds on your eyes to keep them safe. They’ll also apply a cream to help soften up the whiteheads, etc. Steaming helps open up pores for easier cleaning and extraction. While steaming, the aesthetician will sanitize your hands (cleanliness is a must), massage it for a couple of minutes, then wrap it with electric warm hand mittens. My aesthetician made sure that I’m comfortable with the heat from the steaming and the mittens.

After that is the vacuuming. It’s quick, lasts about a minute or less. I love how pain-free it was. I’ve had my face vacuumed so hard at other clinics before (I made sure not to go back there).

Here comes the best yet potentially painful part, the pricking or extraction of blackheads/whiteheads. My aesthetician warned me it’s gonna hurt, I was like, I know right! Seriously, I know it can leave redness and sometimes even wounds on my face. BUT NOT at FLAWLESS! Sure it did hurt, hey, it’s pricking! On the face! Hah! The least painful part was on the forehead, that’s where the pricking started. Next is on my cheeks, it was more painful but I can somehow tolerate it. Last was on my nose, hurts like a b*tch! LOL Sorry! You know what Filipinas say, tiis ganda! My aesthetician, being super nice, helped me tolerate the pain, she would warn me when it will hurt (or hurt more) and she would tell me the progress. She would say “konti na lang po” (translation: we’re almost done). She even said sorry for hurting me after the session! I was touched and I was like, no you didn’t, it’s nothing compared to…wait I’m going off-topic. Haha!

When the extraction is finished, the aesthetician will tone your skin. I’m surprised that it didn’t sting at all! Then comes the laser to close your pores and prevent bacteria from forming. Lastly, they’ll apply a cream or something all over your face to prevent redness and inflammation. So that’s the secret! Hee.

After the facial, we were so happy to see our faces with no redness nor wounds! And we can help checking each other’s now-clear and flawless skin! Too bad we didn’t have a “before” picture. I swear we all have lots of blacksheads and what nots and they’re all gone after the facial! We chatted about our own experiences and took some after-facial groufie at the receiving area before leaving. The aestheticians and receptionist were super nice, they asked us about our facial, especially my sisters and cousin given that it was their first time. They also recommended treatments and products for us. If only we weren’t hungry yet, we’d get free consultations too. Hee.

We left the clinic happy, giggling, and chatting about our facials. It was really a fun girl bonding. My sisters and cousin are more interested on facials now and they can’t wait for their next.

Thank you FLAWLESS for the great service! We will definitely come back. ^_^

For more information about FLAWLESS and their products and services, go to,ph or visit their Facebook Page at

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. I paid for our facials using my own hard-earned money. I am NOT paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinion remains honest, genuine, and NOT biased. This review is based on my own experience.


  1. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    The only facial treatment that I’ve tried is the diamond peel. After that, I’m scared to do it again. Haha. Diamond peel involves removing the blackheads and whiteheads, and it really hurts. :/ The process you underwent looks interesting. I think I want to try that. 🙂 Would pass by their place in Megamall

  2. pr3ttyRh0z3 says:

    Wow what a nice and memorable bonding with your relatives I mean cousins. Bibihira na sa panahong ito na magkaclose ang bawat isa.

    Anyways, I never tried to go to any facial clinic like this because I’m so scared. Ayaw ko kasi na may ibang taong kumikitingting sa mukha ko, heheh.

    I don’t know Flawless is had a branch here at batangas never heard this clinic. I only known this now here at your blog.
    pr3ttyRh0z3 recently posted…I’m Not young Anymore!?!

  3. Hazel Asoy says:

    Your sisters and cousin were lucky to have you and you’re so sweet to treat them for a special facial/ bonding ♥ It makes me miss my sister, we’re also doing stuff like this before eh.

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Hi Joyce! 🙂 It depends on the kind of facial. I believe there are special treatments specifically for removing pimple marks and other dark spots. I highly suggest to consult the dermatologist first before undergoing any procedure. Like in Flawless, you could have a free consultation first to address your issues. Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. jheng delrosario says:

    Hi. I am planning to get facial to treat my acne and saw your blog. This looks interesting! After the facial di ka na nagka pimples? Thru another session? Or product maintenance?

  5. inori says:

    I’m 27 and I’m thinking of getting my first facial this weekend. 🙂 I’m actually hesitant to try since I’m not sure if it’ll be good for my skin. Is basic facial enough for a first-timer?

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