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Good Burgers is my go-to burger joint along Maginhawa Street. I learned about this from my boyfriend. He told me that there’s a place in Maginhawa that sells healthy burgers. IMHO, no burger is healthy; if it’s healthy, it’s NOT real burger! LOL

So one day, I let him take me to this healthy-burger-place called Good Burgers. I realized then that he thinks it’s healthy because they offer burger patties made of chicken and “veggie” instead of the usual pork and beef. I’m like, McDo and Jabee have chicken burgers too AND I know they’re not healthy! Haha! But I have to give him and the burger a chance, so we tried it.

The first time we were here, I wasn’t able to take pictures but I can still recall the experience, so let me just share it with you first (it’s important, I swear!). Hehe. I ordered the Veggie patty and he ordered the Chicken patty; I knew it! He would never have anything veggie! Haha! I’m not sure if the Veggie patty is made out of tofu or mushroom or veggie meat but I didn’t enjoy it. I guess I just prefer fresh and real vegetables; don’t kill them and turn them into some pretentious meat, please! You have to understand, before this, I’ve been fattening myself up with Snack Shack’s burgers, so having a fake meat in my burger was really depressing for me back then. So that time, I told my boyfriend that I don’t want to be pretentiously eating healthy, I just want real burgers. He got sad and I was sorry.

But then Snack Shack became popular (long lines, longer waiting time) and I got even fatter so I cut down on eating burgers. And one day, my dear boyfriend bought a burger for himself; yes, a Good Burgers’ Chicken Patty burger! He let me have a bite and it was a revelation! I should’ve had the Chicken patty on my first try!!! Since then, I’ve been bugging him to take me back to Good Burgers (I didn’t remember how to go there from our first visit) AND he did!!! We’ve actually visited this quite a number of times now…so here’s a proper review! Hehe

How to get there


Good Burgers is located at #162 Maginhawa Street. If you’re commuting from Krus Na Ligas or Philcoa, ride a tricycle and ask the driver if he knows the place; if he doesn’t, just tell him to go to Maginhawa St. near Madasalin St. Landmark is Bayantel Maginhawa, if you see that, you’re near. Good Burger is beside Etcetera (they have a more prominent signage). I’m sorry, even I always have a hard time getting there. Hurrr.

The Place


It’s a small, open-spaced burger joint with ample number of tables and seats but you could always sit at its “neighbors”/the other food joints beside it. It also has an open kitchen so you could always see them prepare your food and smell them burgers! Yum!


Food and Service


Good Burgers operate in a self-service and pay-as-you-order basis. And you just have to wait for just 15 minutes before you can devour your good burger; that’s typical if you want your burger cooked properly! ^_^

Choosing a burger patty is easy because you only have two options; the toppings that are quite a challenge! Man, they have a lot of interesting combinations! We recommend Bacon Mozza Melt. Hey, if you’re wanting more or something different, you could always make your own combinations because they offer add-ons; how great is that! For the patty, choose the Chicken if you’re a meat lover. If you’re vegetarian, well, you don’t really have a choice, don’t you? 😛 (I have nothing against vegetarians BTW!) Good means one small patty; Better means one large patty; Best means double large patty; you’d wish there’s Best of the Best! Try their sides too because they’re as good as the burgers. 🙂

Our orders for that day: two Chicken-patty burgers and regular wedge

Our orders for that day: two Chicken-patty burgers and regular wedge

Regular Wedge (Php 40)

Regular Wedge (Php 40)

Their Regular Wedge should ditch the “Regular” in its name because it’s extraordinary! It’s crispy outside and perfectly cooked inside. It’s really tasty with just the right amount of saltiness. For 40 pesos per serving–normally 8 wedges–you’d wish fast-food fries tastes like this.

Better Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt with Mushroom Add-on (Php 135)

Best Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt with Mushroom Add-on (Php 135)

The Chicken patty tastes amazing! It’s juicy, not too salty, and surprisingly flavorful. Bacon Mozza Melt is composed of bacon bits, mozzarella and mayo. They don’t scrimp on the cheese which is always good for us! ^_^ I added mushrooms because I love them. This double-patty burger is super filling!

Better Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Mushrooms

Best Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Mushrooms

Better Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Garlic Cream Cheese Add-on (Php 140)

Best Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Garlic Cream Cheese Add-on (Php 140)

Of course, the Chicken-patty tastes the same. BTW, their Chicken patty is not like any fast-food chicken patty. Fast-food’s are just chicken-breast-fillet-covered-in-breading-then-deep-fried, Good Burger’s are grilled-ground-lean-chicken-meat-shaped-into-a-burger-patty. I had a bite of this and the Bacon Mozza Melt plus the Garlic Cream Cheese was heavenly! The garlic flavor is not overpowering which is great.

Better Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Garlic Cream Cheese

Best Chicken-patty Burger with Bacon Mozza Melt and Garlic Cream Cheese

Verdict and Other Notes

Ditch your fast-food burgers and opt for these healthier burgers! It’s also 10x tastier despite being lean-chicken/veggie. Don’t come starving because you have to wait, unless you want salmonella. Try to mix-and-match toppings and add-ons, you might discover the perfect combination!

Final Ratings

good burgers ratings

Good Burgers

162 Maginhawa St., Teachers’ Village, QC
Operating Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday-Sunday
Contact No. 435-4663
Payment Options: Cash Only
Other Services: Delivery
Other Branches: E. Rodriguez, Annapolis, Greenhills Shopping Center

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  1. Genzel says:

    And I was thinking of a midnight snack, and there you go. Bad timing haha. How I wish I live near to any of their branches. Lucky they have one in Greenhills! I’ll go along with BF’s mom soon. She loves to go at GSC and I will find this Good Burgers. I must I must!

    Parang nasad ako nung sabi mo na-sad si BF. Siguro he was expecting you will like it too. Mali lang ng naorder. Wala bang pag asa yung veggie pattie?

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      I’m so sorry! Lakas maka-crave! Kahit ako e bigla kong na-miss. Hehe. 😀
      About the veggie patty, siguro I was expecting more lang talaga. I’m willing to give it a second chance naman, someday. 🙂

  2. Roselle says:

    I think this was featured in Kris TV and she said that the chicken burger is even better than the veggie burger. The cheese oozing from the burger is so mouthwatering.

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Really? I love KrisTV especially when they feature restaurants and food finds (also Travel, etc. hehe). I didn’t see their feature of Good Burgers, though. Their airtime doesn’t fit my usual (free) schedule. 🙁 And yes, the cheese is glorious!! 🙂

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