Hello 2017! + a Giveaway

Hi there, 2017!

Apologies for not welcoming you in much grandeur. In my defense, I was not in the best of moods as 2016 has been quite cruel. Nonetheless, I welcome you with hope and faith. Please be good to me as I will be to you.

Here to stay,


P.S. I would love to continue writing that letter but my bed is pulling me to a deep slumber; and while I can still resist it, let me share with you what’s keeping me awake.

Note to self:

  • Read actual books again. You were happier when you used to.
  • Think less. Overthinking won’t make you smarter.
  • Have faith. In the world, on people, in your self.
  • Stop eating your feelings. You are not getting any younger, nor slimmer.
  • Get back to blogging regularly. Think of why you did it in the first place.
  • DO THAT THING. Or move on.

Blog matter:

I am currently designing a new theme for this website. What would you like to see, style and layout wise? It should be up in a month or two, depending on how much actual free time I get.


There’s an ongoing giveaway on my YouTube channel! Check the video below if you want to join. Good luck!


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