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Hey loves! How was your weekend? I hope you had a blast! ^_^ Mine was very unproductive, (no) thanks to our crappy Internet connection. But they’re fixing it now and I’m hoping for a more stable connection in the coming days (because I seriously need a 24/7 net access).  Sorry, I’m babbling again! ANYWAY, I have to cross out an item on my Weekly Wishes today, FINALLY!!!

I can’t remember how long I’ve wanted to re-brand my blog or just basically change its name; it was a very long time. I think I started thinking about it when I attended a blogging conference last year. However, I was preoccupied with other more important stuff and this site had a problem; it was actually semi-dead for quite some time. It took me months to save and recover what I can salvage and then I had to migrate servers. I don’t even want to talk about the opportunities I’ve missed with my blog missing in action! SO, when I finally got my blog up and running again (thanks to my boyfriend’s help), I still didn’t push through making the necessary changes. Of course I have my reasons but they don’t matter now because I am finally doing it! Yay!

Irrational Sense of Optimism, TBH, was an afterthought BUT it does reflect my state of mind back then. Yes, there was a time when I would write very personal blog posts (even before I made this blog). And somehow, it helped me. The thing is, I’m older and a little bit wiser (I think. I better be! Just let me have it.) now so I don’t want to blog away my feelings every time I feel sad, lonely, miserable, and just out of ordinary. I want to keep things bright and shiny (and sparkly too, if I can) from here on! Of course, this blog would still show bits and pieces of myself and it would still be me simply because it’s still about the things that I enjoy/find interesting/just boggles my mind; also, I always babble in my posts.

Remember when I said that my blog’s anniversary was last March? I WAS WRONG! LOL. I thought it was March because that’s when I bought/renew my domain name. Also, according to my Facebook Page (which I just created this year), my blog was “created” on March and it was around that month when I “made my first post.” BUT I realized that “first post” must have been the generic sample post on WordPress. Haha! When I checked again, it was actually in August (August 2, 2012 to be exact) that I made my first post for this blog. So I figured, that’s a more appropriate blogiversary date, wouldn’t you agree? It’s actually better because my birth month is also August and in that way, I wouldn’t be needing more effort to remember my blogiversary date! HA! And since it’s gonna be August in a few days, I guess this is also the right time to re-brand my blog.

Okay, so, why Jean’s List? Because I like making lists. And if you’ve noticed, I made quite a lot of list-y posts here in this blog. Yep, it’s that simple! Heh.

Alright, now here’s what you’ve been waiting for! In line with my re-branding, I am throwing a mini giveaway. You have a chance to get all of the products in the photo above plus some surprise gifts! ^_~ Since this is just a mini giveaway, only Philippine residents are encouraged to join. It will run for three weeks and I will announce the winner on (or after) my birthday. Ready to join? Just follow the steps in the Rafflecopter below and don’t forget to do ALL the mandatory tasks! ^_^

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Helen Gatbonton! ^_^

Please send your details to

Reminders: This contest will run from July 29, 2014 to August 17, 2014. This giveaway is open ONLY to those who currently live in the Philippines. Additional tasks are optional and not required but will earn you more entries and higher chances of winning. Dummy, fake, giveaway-only accounts used to earn entries will be forfeited. Entries will be checked and validated after the contest ends. There will only be one (1) winner for this giveaway. Winner will be announced on this blog post and on my other social media accounts so be sure to follow my accounts and bookmark this page. The winner will be given three (3) days, at most, to respond with their full name, complete shipping address, and contact number via email. Failure to respond within the deadline will force me to choose and announce a new winner. Lastly, unfollowers will be monitored and will be disqualified in the next giveaways. Good luck! ^_^

May the odds be ever in your favor! – Effie Trinket

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought some of these items using my own, hard-earned moolah. Other items are free samples and promotional giveaways. I am neither paid nor asked to write this post. All thoughts and opinions here are based on my personal experience and are not prejudiced.


  1. Hazel Ann says:

    Happy Blog Anniversary Jean ♥
    What topics do you want to see/read on my blog?
    To be honest, I envy your for being creative with your posts, DIYs, reviews and stuff. . . I enjoyed reading your posts ever since the first time I encountered your blog. Hope to see more DIYs regarding home/ room decorations and organizational DIY 🙂
    Hazel Ann recently posted…Shop Review: Nature Essentials

  2. louremie says:

    Hi Ms. Jean just want to leave an answer about what i want to see here. Just continue what I seen here like product reviews & just keep on improving to share your thoughts & everything. God bless.

  3. hydee says:

    Anything you say or blog made me interested simply because you’re so bubbly….but what I love the most is your topic about beauty tips!Advance Happy bday!!!! Errr ,to tell you frankly Im just making a wild guess about your birthdate!!Anyways,let me greet you hbd from this day on till August ends! Before I forgot Happy 1st blogniversary!

  4. James Jun Cubelo says:

    i want to read about good places abroad specially in korea,, i love korea. But also, i like you to post about Filipino Prides.

  5. christey anne corpuz says:

    I want to read more about relationships and motherhood. Being a successful woman besides having 2 daughter already. Im on it!

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