July Collective Haul and My Attempt at Being a Smart Buyer

july haul

‘Zup terrans! How’s your week? Mine was a roller-coaster-ride, had some terrible days…but let’s not talk about that! Tsk. I hope you had a great week though. ^_^

For this post, I’ll be talking about my collective haul for the month of July and my attempt at being a smart buyer. Last June, I did a very good job at maintaining my self-control with regards to spending, see proof here! Haha. So last month, though I initially planned to save more, ergo, try not to buy; I just couldn’t help myself. Pffft. I guess I just couldn’t say no to a good deal. LOL.

However, I was still strict on myself and would always think a hundred times before actually buying anything. So now, let’s see what’s in my July haul!


You know how much I love and enjoy Sample Room, right? So I decided to renew my VIP membership last month. Yey! If you’ve read my previous month haul post, you would’ve noticed that I got no/nada/zero/zilch items from Sample Room; that’s because my previous VIP subscription expired at the beginning of June when there was no new samples available yet. Also, yeah, I was trying to save then! LOL. Anyway, look at these awesome samples I got in just a month! I’m loving the lippies by the way! ^_~ SO…paying for Php699 VIP fee and Php100 shipping fee per transaction (I had four transactions to get all these) might seem like a very unnecessary expenses but I’m telling you that all of these are worth it and you actually get more than what you paid for! Okay, I should probably make a separate post about subscribing to Sample Room and for the VIP status, yes?


This set here is just basic boring stuff. Heh. I love buying products with free items but I always make sure to evaluate the promotional product first before buying it. I have to check each detail first and verify that I could actually save on that promo or that the items are worth it. I mean, like that CreamSilk conditioner, I actually still have stock of that but I like the free pouch in this one too. Sure, I don’t really need that pouch but I always need a conditioner and it happens too that CreamSilk is one of my go-to brand; so this one is justified! Haha. Same goes for the Safeguard soap Family Pack and the Personal Care Kit.

When trying out new products, I prefer buying the smallest size available. Like that Pond’s cream and a Bonne Spa Milk Salt; those sizes should be enough to test them and see what impression they will make. In that way, if it turns out that the product is not effective or that I’m not impressed by it, I wouldn’t have regrets like I would if I bought a full-sized product.


As someone new to this “beauty” thing, I have a long list of products to try but I don’t always buy them as soon as I can. I usually wait for the perfect time to acquire them–sometimes, by joining contests/giveaways; or, in this case, by waiting for sales, deals, discounts, and other promos! Heh. The perfect example of that is this Maybelline Starter Kit! I’ve tried Baby Lips but not that shade, I keep hearing good things about their Super Powder and been meaning to try that ever since, AND that pouch is too cute for words(!); if that’s not enough justification, it’s important to note that this could be a really good gift for any girl (friend, sister, etc.). But I’d really like to keep this one! Haha! The Maybelline mascara was on sale too, they dropped the price from 299 to 199; perfect timing ‘coz I need a black mascara.

Again, on trying out new products, that Garnier cream follows the rule…the cotton buds didn’t but it was justified–that was “buy one, take one”! LOL. I think it’s always better to buy things–that you actually need and will use–in larger quantities.

The smartest-buy for this set is the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion! I NEED a make-up remover because I don’t have one (prior to buying this) and this item is a three-in-one product. And I think I have to mention that I only paid 77 pesos for this item; original price is Php419! HA! Here’s why: I used a Php100-OFF coupon (I got it from Genzel), then I used Sodexo gift certificates with Php200 value, and I got an additional 10% discount for using my SM Advantage Card; isn’t that awesome? Hee.

I’m not a big fan of Kathryn Bernardo but that Chic nail polish has the perfect shade for rainy-day nails! Oh, BTW, that iWhite trial set is for my upcoming giveaway. ^_~


This is one of the best set in this haul! I was lucky enough to be invited at the grand opening of Beauty Scents Philippines last July and I can’t wait to tell you more about it on a separate post! ^_^ Anyway, these are what I came home with from that super fun event! Got the LANVIN Éclat d’Arpège Pretty Face for free (blogger perk) but it’s being sold at only Php2,000, that’s a really great deal BTW! And I bought the two Za skin care products at only Php300! I couldn’t say no to the discounts, I know they’re priced higher at malls and other beauty stores. If I hadn’t controlled myself, I would’ve bought more discounted items and would be happier knowing that I got some really good deals! Haha! Oh well, I can always visit them again at Paseo de Sta. Rosa the next time I have a trip to Laguna. Heh.


Here are some items that I may not really need that much but totally love and enjoy having! My boyfriend loves me so much and knows how much I love food so he gave me this July ish of Yummy magazine. I found more cute pens and bought two in my favorite colors. And I finally have an Audio-Technica earphones! I’ve been looking for a really good-quality earphones and thanks again to my boyfriend for telling me about this brand.

I’m not really that picky when it comes to earphones but when I saw this pair, I instantly fell in love! Of course I didn’t buy it right away because I’m a cheapo I find it expensive–Php899 if I’m not mistaken. So imagine my happiness when I saw that they were on sale last month! For only Php399 and in pretty colors, I couldn’t ask for more! Of course I still had second thoughts, I actually wanted earphones with microphone and in color turquoise (or anything close to that shade) but there were only few left (no turquoise/blue-ish) and the ones with mic are still a bit pricey SO I grabbed the pink one and paid for it! No regrets! Hehe.

Lastly (though you may have already seen these in my previous posts) these two beauty loots that I got from Gen-zel and from Yette also made my July haulin’ super awesome! I was so happy and thankful that they both picked me as their reader/commenter of the month for June. I received them this July and can’t wait to try everything! Hee. BTW, I love them both so be sure to check out their blogs too, they’re awesome I swear! ^_^

Alright, that sums up my July collective haul. I think I’m getting better at controlling my spending habits. I hope to get better still! Thank you for reading until the end of this post (I know it’s super long, I’ve missed blogging!) and I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. If you have any questions regarding the stuff here or if you have tips for me, please do let me know! ^_~

I’m curious…
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How do you manage your spending?

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought some of these items using my own, hard-earned moolah. Other items are free samples and promotional giveaways. I am neither paid nor asked to write this post. I am not affiliated with any of the brand/store/company mentioned in this post. All thoughts and opinions here are based on my personal experience and are not prejudiced.

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