Because I Love Genzel Kisses


Because I love Genzel Kisses so much, I got picked (again) as her June Reader of the Month. Yay! ^_^

It was actually quite funny when I learned about this. I was reading her blog then and when I came over the announcement post, I thought it wasn’t me who won the giveaway. I must have overlooked the word “winner” because I’m not the top 1 commenter for that month. But since the other reader already won a prize the previous month, this month was awarded to me! And I couldn’t be happier!

Honestly, reading and commenting on Gen-zel’s blog is effortless; I actually love everything about her so I really like reading her posts, reviews, and random personal tidbits. Hers is one of my daily reads! I know, I know, I’ve talked a lot about her in my previous posts; I just really, really, like her, okay! Heh. I really hope we could meet soon and be real-life friends. #clingy ^_~

I love everything in this loot, of course, especially the Céleteque skin care set! The Freshee fragrance has a very nice scent, I couldn’t stop smelling it. Those Molang earcaps are cute to bits. And that document holder will come very handy. Gen-zel is really sweet and thoughtful to add those coupons/vouchers and a personal handwritten note! <3

Gen, thank you again for everything (and I mean everything, not just these)! You really are the sweetest! I’ll always be here to support you, your blog, and your future music career! ^_~ Stay awesome, sis!

By the way, if anyone here loves discovering anything new, don’t forget to check and bookmark Gen-zel’s site at While you’re at it, you may also want to join her July Reader of the Month; the prizes are perfect for skin care addicts! Hee.

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Disclaimer: Gen-zel didn’t ask me to blog about her giveaway nor about herself. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are personal and genuine.


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