Maginhawa Eat Street

Maginhawa Eat Street

Maginhawa Street in UP Teacher’s Village, QC is the ultimate haven for foodies. Ever since I started college in UP Diliman, I’ve been roaming the streets of Teacher’s Village for the next food adventure. This food blog idea has been in my mind for the last five years but I never really had the guts to make food reviews online. But it was my boyfriend who’s constantly encouraging me (and sometimes bugging me :P) to make a food blog. For him, I know enough (and rave too much) about food. Sometimes, I think it’s just because he wants me have an outlet of my constant babbling about food. Haha! I know he means well. :))

Moving on, I decided to make a subcategory here on my site entitled “Maginhawa Eat Street” which shall list all reviews on food and restaurant located along Maginhawa St. and it’s adjacent streets. Yep, it won’t be just about Maginhawa! So why not make it Teacher’s Village? BECAUSE it wouldn’t be “eat street” anymore! AND I CAN’T THINK OF ANOTHER SERIES TITLE!!! Whoops! Sorry for freaking out. LOL. So about the title “Maginhawa Eat Street”… It is inspired by one of my favorite shows–“Eat St. with James Cunningham“–about street foods in North America. Usually they feature food trucks (because there’s tons of food trucks there! I wish here too!) but they also visit food stalls and hole-in-a-wall food joints. That’s just basically the reason behind it. Haha!

I may post reviews on food/restaurants I tried prior to this day but don’t worry because everything is safely stored in my memory. Hehe. Also, I’ll be checking and consulting my stack of notes. Oh, my boyfriend would be glad! He always sees me taking notes of my thoughts about the food I eat whether it be on my planner, journal, smart phone, receipt, and even on a tissue! Yep, I’m weird. 😛

I’ll be posting my first food review tonight (if I can) or tomorrow. Uhm, don’t expect too much; I can’t promise a great review (but I’ll try my best). There’ll be lots of photos though! 😉


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