May Book List and How I Got into My Boyfriend’s Addiction


I’m not much into JPop but I like reading Manga. I started reading them when I was in college, thanks to online manga readers/websites. First, I only read those that were made into anime, and those that I’m familiar about. Then, given the wide variety available online, I started discovering other titles.

Manga/comics/graphic novel can be as good as (sometimes, even better than) traditional fiction books (those without graphics). I like that most of them are about adventures. Yes, I love reading long descriptive paragraphs and letting my imagination create a virtual world and characters for the story. But I am human and people are visual in nature; so I also like seeing the creativity and imagination of the writer/illustrator drawn in pages.

One Piece is not new to me, I’ve heard a lot about it from my One Piece-addicted boyfriend (hi love!) and I’ve seen its anime commercials on TV. And while I also love watching anime, especially when I was in high school, I don’t know why I never sat down and actually watch this one nor read the manga. My rejection on this particular one was heightened when I realized how addicted in it my boyfriend is! LOL I’m exaggerating, of course. So I decided to simply refuse in indulging his “passion” (I say addiction and I stand by it, haha!).

Anyway, several months ago, my boyfriend secretly bought a boxed set of One Piece manga which contains the initial 23 volumes. He didn’t tell me at first because he said that he was afraid that I might get mad at him or judge him. Funny because when he was about to tell me that, you know, like in a I-have-to-tell-you-something-please-don’t-get-mad way, I was seriously afraid what’s it gonna be because normally “confessions” that start that way are really bad; yes? So when he finally told me what it was and immediately defended himself that 1) it’s what he always wanted, and 2) that it was such a good deal he even got a discount, etc., I laughed so hard! I didn’t get mad nor feel the need to judge him BECAUSE we both know how he can be such an impulsive buyer!! Haha! Okay, we’re both guilty of that. Heh.

SO from then on, he would always ask me if I want to borrow his copies and try to read it and I would always say no-thanks. Then, I gave in; I told myself that maybe I should give it a try since this is one of the things he love and enjoy up until now. So yeah, after some months, I asked if I could borrow one volume so that I could see it for myself. He actually gave me the first volume months ago and it was just sitting on my desk unread. Ha! In my defense, I was busy then and I was reading other books.

Since then, he would always ask and check if I read it already. So this month, I decided to read it! Actually, I’m afraid that I might not like it, or that I might get bored with it, or that I might not even finish that single volume. Man, I was wrong! At first, the story seemed childish to me and then it got funny and turned into something really interesting. Yes, I actually like it. But it was more than the story, I felt like I was reading a part of my boyfriend’s personality in it. Hey, he read this years ago and he’s still reading and rereading it up to now. He really likes it and among all manga/anime that he likes, this is his favorite. So no doubt, it has some impact on his personality; just like how some really good books has an effect on me and on others, I guess. And yeah, he got his favorite quotes memorized and would sometimes reference it in some serious conversations or life situations. I don’t find that weird but I would always tease him about it. Heh.

I read the first volume in just one sitting and I was a bit sad upon finishing it because I don’t have the next copy. So yeah, I texted him in the middle of the night asking if I could borrow the next few volumes of it. He then lent me five volumes and I’m sure he’s happy that I got hooked. However, I wasn’t able to read all of them immediately. But whenever I read a volume, I would always be laughing. One of my sisters actually got curious and read them too and now she’s also hooked! Haha.

By the way, below are the titles of the volumes I’ve read last month. I wouldn’t be describing them one-by-one but overall, they’re good and you’ll really feel the need to grab and read the next volume!

  1. One Piece, Volume 1: Romance Dawn / Eiichiro Oda
  2. One Piece, Volume 2: Buggy the Clown / Eiichiro Oda
  3. One Piece, Volume 3: Don’t Get Fooled Again / Eiichiro Oda
  4. One Piece, Volume 4: The Black Cat Pirates / Eiichiro Oda

And oh, a little update on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, adding these four makes my status 19/20. So far this June, I read three books which would exceed my goal so I adjusted it again and now I’m aiming for 30 books. I wanted to make it a hundred but I don’t want to pressure myself. Maybe I’ll change it again and when I do, maybe it’s gonna be 100. We’ll see. ^_^

I’m curious…
Do you like reading manga? If yes, what’s your favorite?

I’d love to read your thoughts; leave a reply down below. ;)
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  1. Kristine says:

    I used to watch anime a lot when I was younger but had never read or touched manga. I was interested in them but I wasn’t interested enough to get a copy for myself. I used to watch bits of One Piece when GMA 7 aired it (mainly due to the ex-boyfriend). The current one is into The Walking Dead series (both the comics and the TV series) and even wanted to send me his copies from the US. I might give them a try. God knows how I tried to like The Walking Dead just for him. I do like it now. 🙂

    You remind me of myself. I learned how to play DOTA just for the (ex-)boyfriend. I hated DOTA at first because it was all he ever did, even when we were together. And then I decided to learn what the heck it was, once and for all, and I even got really good at it. But now my skills are rusty. Lol 😀
    Kristine recently posted…Back from hiatus

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Hi, Kristine! 🙂 I haven’t really watched The Walking Dead yet, I’m curious but I don’t think I can finish a single episode! Haha!

      I don’t really do and try new things just because my boyfriend said so or whatever but in this case I did because I was also curious about it and I dunno, I guess because it’s not that bad to give it a try. 🙂 But DOTA is my limit! HAHA! I know it and played it even before I met him (I’m kind of into MMORPG way back in high school just because I actually like it) but it’s not for me, I like other games better. Hehe 😀

  2. Adil says:

    All I want to say that you made the right choice and I am super glad you gave it a shot… n___n

    Won’t spoil anything, don’t worry. But please don’t drop the series until you finish volume 9. Oh, and make sure to have a pack of Kleenex.

    Looking forward to more updates on your OP progress =)

    PS: I like to hear other people’s opinion about the series, especially the one who are just getting into it. That’s all ^__^

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Hi Adil! 🙂 I’m glad too! It’s actually a good manga. 😀 I have volumes 7-11 now and I can’t wait to read them (just finishing a fiction book first)!! Thank you and I’ll post about it once I read them. 😉

  3. Genzel says:

    Ohhhh my bf is also addicted to manga! I think he’s reading this too during his free time. Grabe 23! 😀 So far I’m enjoying audiobooks kasi I can read/listen while working and other stuff. so far 1 book per day ako. I stopped lang kasi got broken hearted sa Allegiant as in. Super hooked. I even dream of the ending every night. Now I’m currently reading Anna and the French Kiss, reco of a blogger friend so I can recover! (recover talaga, affected much! lol) Ayun 😀 I’ll try reading manga pag nagkatime. sana may audiobooks din yan! 😀
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    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Haha! I dream of books and other stuff I read too sometimes! I’m curious about the audiobooks but haven’t really tried listening to one. Feeling ko kasi baka makatulog ako, hehe. 😛 I feel you, I tried Gone Girl and The Giver last January and hanggang ngayon may remnants pa rin ng bitter feels sakin, haha! Kaya nga I don’t want to read muna ng mga ganyang novels. BTW, Anna and the French Kiss is super nice!! I love it! You’ll love it too, for sure! 😀 After that, read the next one agad–Lola and the Boy Next Door. I’m excited na nga on the third book–Isla and the Happily Ever After! Also, if you want more feel-good readings, I suggest Rainbow Rowell’s novels, especially Fangirl! 😀 Sis, do you have Goodreads account? I’d like to share book recommendations with you. 😀

  4. Roselle says:

    Oh, I didn’t know that One Piece is a manga. I enjoy watching that though I didn’t really know how the story started. My sister loves watching anime most especially Naruto, she even read it online just to keep up with the story. Anyway, congrats on your reading challenge. 🙂
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