May Collective Haul and My Weakness for Discounted Items

May Collective Haul

Hello there! As promised, here is my collective haul for May! I added a little extra on the title because “<insert month> Collective Haul” sounds kinda lame for me (ako lang naman, maarte kasi talaga ako, haha! :p). So yeah, I think it’s appropriate to add “My Weakness for Discounted Items” because that’s actually the reason why I got so much stuff last month. >.<

It’s funny because this post was just sitting on my drafts and I totally forgot to schedule/publish this; I just remembered now and I had to edit this introductory paragraph. Tsk. In my previous draft, I talked about how my weekend went (I was supposed to publish this a couple of weeks ago before I got sick) and that is now irrelevant. Go, me. I kinda don’t want to publish this anymore because I’m actually quite embarrassed with myself and my spending habits this past few months. But okay, I will publish this not to brag or anything but to share some info on where you could find affordable and pretty things; for people like me who craves good deals, discounts, cheap finds, and cute stuff. ^_^

I have to warn you though, this is a photo-heavy post; I think most of them deserve to be non-sliding-image. I won’t be discussing them one by one, like what I did in my previous haul posts, because I don’t want to bore you and there’s just too much I’ll just hate myself more, LOL. Alright, let’s start with the least interesting stuff I got; here goes!


Perfect for organizing and cheaper than the same stuff from Daiso and Japan Home!


My sister needed to donate some books and these are what I bought. Plus I got myself a back-issue of Candy magazine and it has a free Candy-collectible necklace! The book of fabric decals is mine too.


More organizers. I love the mini trash bin (that’s what they called it) and I think I can also use that as pen/brush holder or as a vase. Very IKEA-ish except that it’s plastic and costs cheaper. I actually prefer it in white but the “white” that they have is creamish so I just got the pink one, it’s still pretty, yes? Heh


More and more stores like Daiso are popping here and there and they are such a magnet for hoarders cheapskates like me! Haha. Look, I finally found cheap mason jars! These Harvest Time jars are actually better than the one I got in my April haul but they don’t come with lids and that’s okay. And those frames are ridiculously cheap, I couldn’t ignore them!


Early last month, me and my sisters went shopping for their school supplies and I found these cute pens at SM Department Store! If you happen to be my classmate back in college, you would know that I have a thing for cute and colorful pens. Hihi. So I got the panda for my sis who’s addicted to pandas. The leaf pen was for my youngest sister; this pen is so cool because the leaf is actually a pluggy that she could use on her phone! And of course, the heart is for me, as well as the pig because I’m a pig I also have a thing for pigs. LOL


What do you know, I also have a thing for notebooks and notepads. Actually, I may have a thing for every thing… Hahaha!! And look at that Candy magazine! I know, I’m not a teen anymore but hey, once a Candy girl, always a Candy girl. Hihi. I love that Quote of the Day mini book and I also scored a free nail art mini book!!! *happy dance*


Just some art and craft supplies and a back issue of Real Living Australia magazine! I’ve been eyeing this magazine ever since but it was too expensive for me (it was being sold for P599) so I was really happy when I saw this on-sale copy! I love reading magazines and I adore international ones (i.e. Real Simple) too but they’re always beyond my budget-for-a-magazine. I wish Real Living Philippines could be like this too.


I love roaming around Landmark and finding random cute and practical stuff. I may or may not be developing a thing for acrylics and ceramics. Heh.


My boyfriend really knows me and the things I love. I was very happy and surprised when he gave me this Knots About Cords guidebook + DIY kit for me. And yes, most of the times he would buy something and “gift” it to me as is (with the price tag!). Hehe. Also, he has a thing for everything with my name on it. I think I can safely say that he’s more obsessed with my name than I am. Haha! Do you want to see the things he bought just because it has my name on it? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be happy to show you one of my bf’s guilty pleasure. Hehe ^_^


I finally bought this picture frame! The price dropped so I didn’t hesitate to get one. Sadly the pink ones were sold out and the blue/turquoise ones are either damaged or has permanent dirt on them, so I got the purple one which is still fab! Heh. Alarm clock, coin bank, and ceramic dishes for my room. Panda mug as a gift for my sister. Now, those lippies, they’re cute, no? I actually saw them first at Fully Booked and they cost P100 each. The casing is really cute but when I checked the actual lippies (I’m not sure if it’s lip balm or lipstick), it’s orange (seemed translucent) and smells like air freshener; so I decided not to buy them. And then I passed by this thrift store selling items for only 10 pesos and saw the same thing! Well, not exactly because these 10-peso-ones smells weird (must be fake or expired) but hell, it’s only 10 pesos and I’m not gonna use it anyway; I just want it as a decor (LOL) so yeah, I bought two! Heh


This is one of my favorite sets because everything is just so cute and pink mostly! ^_^ Two eyebrow pencils because I’m not sure what to get. LOL. Cute mirror which doubles as a card case! The cutest coin purse and just below 20 pesos. Floral pouch for my make-up kit. Pink wallet and umbrella as gift for my youngest sister. And a new wallet for me! Hihi. I know I just recently got a CLN wallet (which I love) but it’s actually more like a pouch for me because it’s soft and bendable; it doesn’t have a hard case or whatever-you-call-that-thing-that-makes-wallets-sturdy.


Basic toiletries for out-of-town trips, nail stuff, etc.


I’m kinda sad that there weren’t that much new items in Sample Room last month. Anyway, these are my collective Sample Room haul for May.


Celeteque skin care products, basics: toothpaste and soap. I love Garnier products and I’m hoping that this anti-imperfection thing really works. Lip balms and brow/lash brush for my sisters.


More basic stuff; most of these are on sale when I bought them.


OMG, please don’t judge me!!! Haha. Okay, probably all of you knew that Nivea went on sale last month; I tried to ignore it but it’s 50% OFF!!! Obviously I went crazy with this one and bought almost every Nivea product they have. In my defense, half of these went to my sisters. I wish I got more Nivea Creme and in larger tins but they’re always out-of-stock. I also thought of buying their “summer” skin care products (i.e. sunscreen) but I realized that I still have a lot of sunscreens and summer’s over anyway. AHH, I’m excited to try some of these!

WHEW! That’s all I have worth sharing (sort of). If you’re wondering why I got many items that I gave to my sisters, it’s because (aside from the fact that I love them, hehe) two of my sisters celebrated their birthdays last month and they’re also going to college (we also bought starter make-up kits for them, some of which are not included in this post). ^_^

Ha, I am seriously broke this month and in a strict shopping ban. Actually, there might not be any June haul coming. LOL But seriously, I think I’m well stocked and won’t be needing to buy more stuff because what I have now will last me for months.  I’m doing pretty well with the shopping ban by the way. ^_~

I’m curious…
What’s your favorite in this haul?
What is your “thing” or the items you love collecting?

Let me hear your thoughts and leave a reply down below. ;)
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Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the items using my own, hard-earned moolah. Some items are free samples and promotional giveaways. I am not affiliated with any of the brand/store/company mentioned in this post. All thoughts and opinions here are based on my personal experience and are not prejudiced.


  1. Genzel says:

    Ohhh you got a lot!!! Thanks for reminding me I haven’t posted my May – June Haul but I honestly forgot na the things I bought hahaha 😀 You got a lot of cute stuff! Try Cleene round cotton pads next time, they are the best!
    Genzel recently posted…The Filipino TAG

  2. shayne says:

    andame sis! haha but seriously tho i love your daiso & landmark hauls! i havent been to landmark for 5 years i think, namiss ko tuloy. you can really find good bargains there. i like your acrylic case &the mugs. and can i just say that you have a good eye for pretty things — nice daiso picks. i wanted those white trays cause if i am not mistaken they are stackable. but they only have sizes in pink near my area so sayang. dont be embarassed to post your gigantic hauls i enjoyed browsing it 🙂
    shayne recently posted…Giveaway Winner • Quick DIY Thank You Card

  3. NostalgicEJ says:

    Wow I love those picture frames! I’ve been looking for an affordable picture frame to serve as a decor on our wedding and I just love that! Do you happen to know if i need to order it online or can i just drop by to any local kenko stores to get it? thanks! 🙂

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