The Monday Grace #06


Today is one of the happiest Monday I’ve ever had. Nothing grand really happened; I just learned to be happy just because. ^_^

The Monday Grace is a list of things I am grateful for and happy things that I think of to beat Monday blues.

  1. The Oscars 2014. A great way to start the day! I’m really glad our cable provider gave us–subscribers–a live telecast. I can actually complete this list just by mentioning the things I love about this year’s Oscars! Haha! But I’ll try not to. Heee.
  2. Ellen DeGeneres and THE most EPIC group selfie that crashed Twitter! LOL
  3. Having a new phone. Which I badly need, BTW.
  4. Leftover GVs from watching Hagikhikan: Ang Pagbabalik last Friday. UP profs are the best talaga!!
  5. Celebrating my aunt’s birthday last weekend and seeing our favorite and cutest nephew again.
  6. Yema cake! From Quezon!
  7. #100happydays. A challenge to be happy for 100 days in a row.
  8. Winning Genzel’s Reader of the Month: February.


I’m curious…
Did you watch The Oscars today? What are your favorite moments?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below. ;)
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