My First Job, Ever!

Hooray to my first job ever! 😀 What you don’t know is that I was job-hunting last month. I’m not blogging about it because I don’t want to jinx those pending applications. I’m not really that superstitious and all but I just don’t want to count the eggs before they hatch. Yeah, whatever. 😛

Job Hunting Experience

Yes, I’ve done all those stuff–submitting resumes, attending interviews, waiting for long hours, and going back to step one. It was hard and tiring, some are patience-consuming. First, I applied online to four call center companies. I chose call center because as of now, I don’t have that much qualifications for other job. I know I said many times that I will never work as a call center agent because of many reasons I have. But well, we have to make choices and never waste an opportunity.

A day after I applied online, I received a call from those four companies and I was immediately set up for interview appointments. I canceled one appointment because it has conflict on my schedule and I’m actually not that interested in Makati area, especially if I’ll be on a call center. The next one, I was declined because they were after the ones with call center experience already. The third one, I passed their series of test and was scheduled for a series of interviews. On the third final interview, I wasn’t able to come because I was really sick. The last one was good, I passed their series of initial interviews. Supposedly there was a training but I passed the evaluation and was recommended for direct hiring immediately. Unfortunately, the only open account that time was for technical representatives and I don’t qualify for that position because that also needs past experience. They told me to wait for a call when they got another account where I can fit, and not to worry because it doesn’t mean that I fail and they won’t call me again.

I learned a lot on my job hunting experience. The most important thing I learned is that I can extend my patience. I get to meet different people while waiting for my name to be called by the interviewer. I also experienced rush hour at the MRT station for the first time. Also, I think I improved on my communication skills because of those many interviews. Hee. And while on the process of applying for a job at a call center, I realized that I really really don’t want that kind of job. It’s like working abroad minus going abroad. I mean, yes, you work here in the Philippines but your clients are foreigners, your company is owned by foreigners, and your work schedule is based on their time. Yes, you may earn a lot more compared to other Filipinos who work here with a different job, but in the long run you are actually trading your health in exchange for a higher salary.

While waiting for a call from that company (where I was recommended for direct hiring), I was notified that UP College of Engineering Library II (EnggLib2) is hiring for two positions, one is for Information Specialist and the other one is for Information Assistant. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I’m not yet a college graduate and also because Dan is working there and that may be an issue. But after thinking about it a hundred times, I grabbed the opportunity.

I submitted my resume personally. They called me for an interview. Signed some papers. And waited for a call regarding my application status. By the way, Bianca, my orgmate, applied there too for the Information Specialist position.

And after two weeks of waiting, we both got hired! Yey! Then, I received another call for a meeting with the boss, which was actually for initial orientation. She told me everything about the job and that I will not be based at EnggLib2 but at EnggLib1 because, of course, Dan and I shouldn’t be on the same office. At first I was a bit dismayed because I really prefer EnggLib2. Not that I think EnggLib1 isn’t good, I haven’t seen it yet in the first place. I just really admire the former. But I understand the reason behind it and I’m not really in the position to choose where I’ll be assigned. So yeah, congratulations to me for landing a job! No sarcasm, seriously. 🙂

First Day At Work

I started my first day at work on August 5th. New environment, new acquaintances, new experience. I was nervous, of course, but they were really friendly and helpful that I didn’t have a hard time on my first day, except for familiarizing myself with the work procedures.

I was assigned at the Reserve Section of the library and at the Cataloging Section. So 60% of my week goes to Users’ Services and 40% goes to Technicals Services. Basically, I lend, cover, label, and shelve books; that’s not just what a librarian does but that’s what I do because I’m not yet a licensed librarian. Yes, mind you, we do have a licensure exam too. 😛

I like this job because it would help me a lot with regards to the degree I’m taking. And of course, because I can finally earn and save up money to help my mom and for my plans of continuing my education.

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