Our Valentine’s Day: 2014 Edition


This year is our sixth Valentine’s Day and while we love each other dearly, my boyfriend and I originally planned to spend that day with friends (like we did last year). Because if Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, why shouldn’t you spend it with everyone you love, right? However, things didn’t go as planned so we had the night for just the two of us instead, which wasn’t bad either. 🙂

We didn’t want to go to any mall nor anywhere relatively far because it was Valentine’s Day/Friday/Payday/Super-mega-heavy-traffic-day so we decided to meet at UP Town Center and have dinner there. Most of the restaurants were full (as expected) but we’re lucky to get a table at Liberty’s without waiting.

We had a simple yet lovely dinner. We enjoyed our food. We chatted about us and everything else, like we always do. 🙂

Dan ordered steak

Dan ordered steak

I had pasta

I had pasta

Then we transferred to Highlands Coffee for desserts, coffee, and more chit chats. 🙂

Seriously though, what parent do you think would name their child after an alcoholic drink? I'm J-E-A-N!

Seriously though, what parent do you think would name their child after an alcoholic drink? I’m J-E-A-N! :))

My boyfriend surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful white roses (I wasn’t expecting it because I know how hard it is to get flowers on Valentine’s Day) and I gave him crafted/personalized gifts. We went home when there was lighter traffic.

My Zalora Valentine's Day Shopping Spree is here! Yay!

My Zalora Valentine’s Day Shopping Spree is here! Yay!

I came home to this lovely gift from Zalora! With this and the time I spent with my boyfriend, I feel so loved! ^_^ <3

P.S. This post doesn’t have any picture of us because all our photos in my camera turned out blurry! 🙁

I’m curious…
How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Let me hear your thoughts. Comment down below! 😉

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  1. Genzel says:

    I’m so happy for the both of you Jean! Me naman we spent it with her mom. Super heavy traffic in Manila as in! :O Then we had an extension celebration on Saturday at ATC. Excited to see what’s inside that Zalora Box ^_^

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Thank you! 🙂 Actually traffic din naman sa QC (kahit saan ata, traffic that day! tsk) pero it was tolerable naman since malapit lang pinuntahan namin. 🙂 We’re supposed to have an extension din at MOA last Saturday, di na rin natuloy pero ok lang, I slept all morning instead! Haha. I’ll post the box’s content soon! 🙂

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