PAC Skin Care and Make Up Workshop

I consider myself a newbie when it comes to skin care and make up but I always want to learn more about them so I was really thrilled when I got an invite to attend the PAC Skin Care and Make Up Workshop. Naturally, I said yes and confirmed my slot! I was actually allowed to bring plus 1’s but unfortunately, my sisters and friends were not available on the event date and time. It could’ve been more fun with them. Anyway, this workshop was held last September 30 at the Godiva Inc.’s main office in Makati. Godiva is the official distributor of PAC and Biokos here in the Philippines. PAC and Biokos are brands under the Martha Tilaar Group of Indonesia.

About Professional Artist Cosmetics Martha Tilaar (PAC)

PAC was created to fulfill the needs of professional make-up artists, starting from stage make-up to bridal and high fashion.

PAC is well known for it’s high quality, waterproof and long-lasting make-up. Highly suitable for Asian skin, its vibrant and bold colors also complements Asian skin tone. Through years of development, PAC has also captured the hearts of end users as a brand that matches young, vibrant and bold women who dares to express themselves with colours.

PAC is The Art of Makeup, expressing character through colours and style in makeup.

About Biokos

Biokos products are specifically formulated based on skin condition for each decade of a women’s life. Biokos believes in formulating skin care range by combining nature’s best ingredients with advanced technology. Biokos products work in harmony with skin cells to restore and enhance the skins youthful vitality and radiance.


Upon registration, I received these Godiva Natural Skin Care products and Biokos samples. (Before everything else, forgive me for forgetting the names of everyone mentioned in this post. Sign of aging. Heh.) This free and by-invite-only PAC workshop was attended by make-up artists and make-up enthusiasts (like me). To start the workshop, the CEO of Godiva Inc. talked about the PAC and Biokos brands (as you’ve read above). She mentioned that Martha Tilaar decided to create PAC when she watched a theatrical play and learned that the make ups that were used on the actors were actually paint and not cosmetics to achieve the desired look/effects. And of course, to remove those paints, they use paint thinner, which is very harsh for the skin. So she decided to create a makeup line to address that need. (Yep, I remembered that because I’m a little nerd like that. Ha!)

Then she talked about skin care and introduced Biokos. Biokos is a new product line of skin care; they’re just made available at local malls recently. What’s interesting about Biokos is that the products are categorized for each decade in a woman’s life–20’s, 30’s, 40’s; I’ve never seen any other products like that. We also learned about the basic skin care regimen that doesn’t stop at cleansing. A basic skin care regimen should be a complete regimen and consists cleansing, toning, moisturizing, treatment, and protection. It’s also good to know that Biokos offers a complete range of skin care products for all ages.

Next is a short talk on make up by a member of their PAC Creative Team. She talked about the basic do’s and don’ts when applying makeup. She also introduced PAC and the PAC Face Painting set which is a must-have for every make up artist. PAC’s face paints are highly pigmented and can be used as an eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner gel or even a lipstick! It also super blendable! The set includes 12 vibrant colors. After that is the makeup demos. First was the day/bridal look which they then turned into an avant-garde look.

During the demo, we were allowed to look closer and observe the make-up artists and models. We can also ask them anything during and after the demo. The PAC creative team also explained how they achieved the look they did on the models and showed us the products they used.

  • Day/Bridal Look
  • Avant Garde Look

Next is the make-over contest. We were divided into groups and we had to create a day/bridal look and an avant-garde look on two of our group members.

The contest was fun because we also got to try out (and swatch, hee) a wide variety of PAC products including the Face Painting set! I love how highly pigmented all of their products are. I also think that the shade of their foundations are perfect for a Filipina complexion.

Next, of course, is the judging part and distribution of certificates. Those two girls were our group’s representatives. It’s actually a close fight with other groups because they’re all very well made up.

Group picture from PAC Facebook Page

Group picture from PAC Facebook Page

But our group prevailed and we won! Hee. We received 4 loot bags as our prize which we divided among ourselves. ^_^

Discounted Biokos and PAC products were also sold at the workshop. I was so tempted to splurge but I was on a self-imposed shopping ban so I didn’t get any. (Now I’m kinda regretting it.) Nonetheless, I’m happy with all of the stuff I came home with. ^_^

Registration freebies, prizes, certificate and voucher

Registration freebies, prizes, certificate and voucher

The entire workshop was fun but what I loved most was meeting talented people who are very passionate about makeup. I know, I’m not pursuing professional makeup artistry (for now at least) but the people I met at the workshop and the PAC creative team are truly inspiring. What I do know right now is that I now have the knowledge to properly take care of my skin and I got a lot of tips and ideas for doing makeup; now I’m itching to practice more often! (Read my beauty goals to get an idea why I’m so psyched about this. Heh)

Visit my Facebook Page at for more photos of the event or visit this PAC’s FB Photo Album

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      • Gen says:

        yeah i should try this… 😉 i will look this product sa department store…i also read what flawless repost about ur novexpert challenge…and ist so amazing coz in just 5 days the darkunder eye had gone…wow talaga…i was the one who ask u in instagram kung magkanu…medyo expensive but the best naman result…alam mo ba i always read blogs about cosmetics,gadgets and foods…but when i saw what flawless repost avout ur novexpert challenge and messge them about that they told me to read ur blog and follow u in insta…so ginawa ko hehehe evryday na ko tumitingin sa insta mo for some updates 🙂 and naadik na rin ako kababasa ng blogs mo 🙂 .. ur blogs really help me alot for looking a best product…may mga product kse ako naginagamit but nassyang lang ung pinangbili ko sa product n nbbsa ko sa ibang blog kse di nmn totally nakakatulong…but this cosmetic and the novexpert really help a lot… expensive pero di naman mag sisi sa pagbili coz maganda ung kalalabasan ryt…kaya when i got money ill buy this and novexpert ng flawless 🙂 … hope more blog pa sis 🙂 kase it relly helps talaga ei .. specially sa mga kagaya ko na talagang naghhanap ng best product…if u can see me naku talagang ssbihin mo i really need novexpert product…GODBLESS sis 🙂 pls more blog pa huh 🙂

  1. pr3ttyRh0z3 says:

    Wow, what so lot many of make up and lippies. Waaah, I’m jealous. The color of the lippies is so cute.

    Wow, congratulations in winning. Your group is so lucky, heheheh. I love the freebies you got, pahinga aqng isa, heheheh, joke lang po :-).
    pr3ttyRh0z3 recently posted…I’m Not young Anymore!?!

  2. Abegaill Villacruz says:

    Super daming freebies! Gusto ko din. Haha. Anyway, I’m recently trying out PAC cosmetics and so far I love it. 🙂 But I want to experiment more on their eyeshadows. 🙂 I really really into eyeshadows.

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