Positively Better Back to School Tips from Jeunesse Anion

Back to School Tips from Jeunesse

It’s that time of the year when most students get the fired up excitement for the new school season, but it also proves to be one of the most challenging chapters. Whether a high school student gearing up for a well-balanced academics and club activities, a college student aiming for a dean’s list, or an MA student going for the gold, storms of stress particularly during monthly period can create a havoc on a woman’s mood and comfort.

And for those times of the month when unavoidable dysmenorrhea or mood swings become a crazy overdrive,  there’s always Jeunesse. The first Filipino sanitary napkin and liners with a unique anion material, Jeunesse features seven innovative benefits crafted for women with busy, active lifestyle: top cover from non-woven material instead of chemical fiber surface,  anion strip that emits negatively-charged molecules for  lasting protection and freshness, side leak guard for double strikethrough protection, a super-absorbent polymer for maximum liquid protection, strictly sterilized layer, a breathable bottom layer for superior air flow,  and a topnotch back adhesive to keep pad securely in place. Aside from Jeunesse’s carefully chosen design and materials, the pads are machine packed and sealed in an aluminum foil packaging, which say a lot about its safety and sanitation standard.

For a better appreciation of anion, this is not anything foreign when it comes to its host of health benefits particularly in enhancing natural release of happy, frenzied vibe. Anion not only improves the mood, it does a lot of helpful wonders during the red days: balances PH and hormone levels, protects you from airborne germs, reduces inflammation, eliminates odor, and fights against vaginal irritations. And no need to look further, Jeunesse offers five varieties with different sizes to support all types of menstrual flow from day pad, night pad,  all night, ultra day non-wing, to panty liners.

School days might mean end of summer but it’s also an opportunity to rise above and become more positively better! While it’s so easy to lose sight of these goals, here are some practical tips which can make students give priorities a second thought:

1. Set study goals. Discipline is one true mark of a person who wants to be more and do more. Be reminded about short term and long term visions which make studies a big step toward those many dreams in life.

2. Make a study timetable and stick with it. A timetable serves as a practical guide of activities that demand urgent attention  or  things that should take a back seat. There’s really no hard and fast rule and flexibility is most welcome. This could include bed time, breaks, and —most importantly— quality time that should be spent on studies.

3. Learn to say no.  This is not about giving up social activities, in fact, it’s important to live a well-balanced life. The point is, never take on things that shouldn’t be part of  the schedule  just because it’s uncomfortable to say no. Keeping priorities in mind while practicing loving words to speak will take away the unnecessary awkwardness of saying no.

4. Stay focused. One easy step is to have a journal. It’s a great tool for recording thoughts, ideas, and tracking progress. Written goals and visions make one easily detect distractions or interruptions, plus it’s a very personal thing which has a life of its own.

So whether it’s braving the exam week or beating a school deadline during a monthly period, no need to dread anything—Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners will surely boost your confidence for a more enjoyable and fruitful student life.

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liners

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin and Liners is distributed by Wellgold International Inc. and currently available at Watsons Personal Care stores, SM Department store health and beauty section, PCX, Landmark Department Store, Shopwise, Rustan’s Supermarket, Waltermart, and selected Mercury Drug outlets and selected stores in Visayas and Mindanao. For more information,  log on to www.jeunesseanion.com and follow Facebook and Instagram: Jeunesse Anion. For inquiries, email  wellgoldinternational@gmail.com or call (02) 4701294. 

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