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Last June, Kracie Philippines sent these products for me to try. And I am very thankful that they did and that they sent me products that are perfect for me. Lately, I’ve been developing a skin care routine, I was trying out different products; these two are perfect addition to my now-complete regimen! I’m also having so much breakout lately (probably from trying out different products at almost the same time) so I was really happy about the acne care mask they sent me! The eye zone mask is new to me so I was really excited to try it too. I am using them for weeks now and loving them so far. I think this is the perfect time to review these products and share my thoughts with all of you. ^_^

Kracie Skincare Products (Kracie Philippines) is the country’s seller of Hadabisei and Moistage skin care line of Kracie (a Japanese company focused on the toiletries & cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food business). Kracie PH launched their online shop via Facebook and Instagram late last year.

What I love most about Kracie PH is the way they ship/send their products. They don’t just stuff them in the courier’s pouch. I received mine wrapped in bubble wrap (even if they’re not that fragile) and packed in a cute pink organza pouch; plus with a handwritten note! I love sellers who take into consideration the safety of their shipped items and those who add a personal touch by including a simple note for the recipient.

I got to try two of their products: (1) Hadabisei Facial Mask for Acne Care and (2) Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask.


Below are the product descriptions found on their packaging.

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) is for the prevention of persistent adult acne and treats acne scars. Formulated with Vitamin C (brightening active ingredient) and glycyrrhizinate (anti-inflammation ingredient) and Green tea extract (moisturizing ingredient). Moisture penetrating effect / Fruits Acid (Lemon Extract).

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask treats dryness and fine lines around eye area for firmer skin. Intensive treatment with transparent gel made of serum.


Both products come in a sealed paper box.

Acne Care Mask Box

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care)

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask

As you can see, their packaging design is simple with a few straight-to-the-point illustrations. However, almost every information found in the packaging is in Japanese characters only. Fortunately, Kracie PH attached a label with English translation of the basic info on every box.

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) Description & Instruction

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) Description & Instruction

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask Description & Instruction

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask Description & Instruction

I wish they also included a translation of all of the ingredients though. I don’t know how to read Japanese so I can’t really tell you every info in the package. But I think it’s safe to say that there’s no expiration date indicated. There is, however, a batch number printed in every pouch.

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) Box and Foil Pack

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) Box and Foil Pack

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask Box and Foil Pack

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask Box and Foil Pack

A box of Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) contains five masks (each on its own foil pack). While the box of Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask contains four pairs of eye masks (each pair on its own foil pack). The foil packs have the same front-to-back design and information as the boxes (but they don’t have the translation labels). These foil packs are tearable and can be easily opened by hand (no scissors needed).

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care)

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care)

Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) is made of material similar to facial wipes/wet wipes (I’m sorry I don’t know what they’re called, tissue? Fabric? I really don’t know). It’s not overly wet and is folded but can be easily unfolded. It does not tear easily but is stretchable.

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask

Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask comes in a transparent jelly-like form with micro fabrics that hold and keep the gel serum in shape. Two eye zone patches are sticking in a thin clear plastic board for easier handling. The patches do not melt or break easily upon touch.


  • Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care): Thoroughly cleanse and dry face. Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face. Wear the mask 15-20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.
  • Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask: Apply in eye contour.


Both products have the same pros & cons.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Has a nice light scent
  • Easy to use
  • Effectively moisturizes the skin
  • Fits perfectly
  • The mask does not tear easily
  • Only available online (as of now)
  • Leaves a sticky feeling (but tolerable)
  • Packaging and info are in Japanese
  • Not available for retail (per piece)


The Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care) has just the right size and fits snugly on my face. It has the right amount of essence and doesn’t drip all over. The holes for the eyes, mouth, and nostrils are appropriately placed too. I made of mistake of slightly stretching the mask when I was unfolding it so the shape got kinda off but that was only on my first try. The mask is light weight but can fall when used standing or sitting; best is to lie down so the mask will stay put. It has a mild cooling effect and a nice and light scent. This facial mask is easy and comfortable to use. It does leave a slight sticky feeling when removed but it is tolerable as the essence is absorbed by the skin completely after a few minutes.

The Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask also has the right size and fits perfectly on my eye contour. The jelly-like form of the patches makes it stick well on the skin. They don’t slip nor fall off even when sitting of standing. The patches are soft and squishy but do not break or tear easily. It’s also very light, has a cooling effect and has a nice and light scent.

I’ve been using both products for three weeks now and so far, I’m satisfied with both of them. I only use them once a week, after cleaning my face at night. I also let them chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes before I use them for added cooling effect. After using both masks, I don’t wash nor wipe my face; I just let the essence dry completely then I proceed to my next skin care routine. So far, they don’t break me out.

However, with regards to their claims, acne and fine lines don’t fade overnight (not even on the second night). But probably, with continued use, they might! Kracie Skincare Products also has other products (soap, cream, etc.) that might help eliminate acne and fine lines other than these two. Isn’t it always better to use the same product lines when dealing with a certain skin issue? They also have Hadabisei products for other skin types (dry, aging, etc.). As for myself, I’d like to try their other acne care products and the Hadabisei Cleansing Pen for Nose which claims to remove blackheads; isn’t that so interesting?

If I have to rate these products, they both get 4/5 stars!


  • Hadabisei Facial Mask (Acne Care): Php 320.00 (box of 5)
  • Hadabisei Eye Zone Facial Mask: Php 220.00 (box of 4 pairs)

They might be a little bit pricier than other brands of facial masks but they are worth it. You can buy them online through their Facebook Page or Instagram account (links will be listed below). But since they’re only available online (as of now), you have to consider the additional shipping fee (at least Php 100.00) when planning to purchase.

I do hope they’ll sell by the piece soon! But then again, stocking up is not that bad either.


I am highly considering purchasing these products! Those who are dealing with acne and/or fine lines should give these a try.


For orders and inquiries, please direct your questions to Kracie Philippines.

Kracie Skincare Products
Contact Number: 0928-359-7731
Instagram: kracie_ph

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