StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park

Another foodie hub recently opened its gates to hungry foodies in Quezon City. StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park is the latest addition to the gastronomic community along Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village.

Located at the heart of Maginhawa, it is very accessible to anyone wanting to satisfy their cravings. Everyone is welcome; yes, even your pets are, just as long as you clean after them. The concept of a food park makes it perfect for family meals and hanging out with your friends.

StrEat’s open layout makes it more spacious and is perfect for different activities. This park is currently packed with 11 food trucks and food containers that yields a very wide array of food choices.

I was invited to attend their soft opening / bonfire night where we got to meet StrEat’s owner and learn more about this food park. Ms. Cheska del Castillo is the co-owner of StrEat. Along with her mom–creator of Starr’s Famous Shakes–they definitely make a good team.

Their hope of bringing food trucks to the heart of Quezon City gave birth to this food park. The concept is very new and unique to the eyes of QC residents. Sure we have weekend-nights-food-fairs like Mezza Norte but StrEat is much more than that. Aside from being open six days a week, the food selections are better suited for true-blue foodies; also, food trucks.

Like most soft-openings, I thought that night would only have a sizable amount of people. But, of course, I was wrong. It was a Friday night and it is Maginhawa, I should’ve known better. I went in early, everyone was just getting ready to start opening their doors and windows of their trucks and stalls. The place looked vast to me. It’s airy, uncrowded, and clean; it was like a good day at a park.

But as soon as the sun sets, people kept coming in and the place got packed quickly. StrEat’s space is larger than most Maginhawa restaurants but considering the number of concessionaires and the customers they’re attracting, it can get really crowded.

The tables and chairs were nice as some food choices requires both hands for eating, hence the need to sit down. But they also make the space smaller. I understand that from the concept of a park, the setup is perfect; but with lots of hungry customers waiting to get a seat and eat their food, there’s still a big room for improvement with the space utilization.

Endless Summer Cafe

That night, I, along with other food bloggers, got to try some of StrEat’s food. We first tried Endless Summer Cafe. They have sizzling rice meals, shakes, and beach hut vibes. Endless Summer Cafe’s owner was very generous for letting us try all of their shakes and dishes in tasting portions.

  • Food at Endless Summer Cafe
    Endless Summer Cafe Food
  • Tapsilog | Endless Summer Cafe
  • Pork Sisig | Endless Summer Cafe
    Combi Sisig
  • Garlic Chicken | Endless Summer Cafe
    Garlic Chicken
  • Creamed Peppered Dory | Endless Summer Cafe
    Creamed Peppered Dory
  • Buffalo Wings | Endless Summer Cafe
    Buffalo Wings
  • Endless Summer Cafe Menu
    Endless Summer Cafe Menu

We skipped the rice but still got full from all these tasty treats. My favorites were the Tapsilog, Buffalo Wings, and Choco-Banana-Speculoos Shake. Endless Summer Cafe has the most affordable food choices in the food park.

Me Love You Long Time

We also got to try Me Love You Long Time which offers Thai and Vietnamese dishes. I personally love Asian cuisine and was very excited to try their food.

  • Pad Thai | Me Love You Long Time
    Pad Thai
  • Tuna Kinilaw | Me Love You Long Time
    Tuna Kinilaw
  • Thai Iced Tea | Me Love You Long Time
    Thai Iced Tea

MLYLT’s food is da bomb diggity! I love all three! Their food tastes fresh and clean just like any good authentic Asian dish.

What I noticed and loved about the concessionaires at StrEat are the food stalls/trucks owners. They were very hands-on that night and really accommodating. Most of them are also young and that’s probably why their food concepts are fresh and hip.

Later that night, StrEat was fully-packed with foodies. The crowd got livelier as the bonfire was lit up and a group of musicians started jamming.

StrEat is the place to go when you’re looking for a place to hang out at and some food to grub. It was a nice experience for me and it became an instant favorite. I actually went here so many times since their opening night and I can’t wait to share with you a more in-depth review of the StrEat food.

StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park is located at 91 Maginhawa St. UP Village, Quezon City. For other information, check them out on social media:
Facebook: StrEat: Maginhawa Food Park
Instagram: @streat_foodpark

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