Unboxing My September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations


Hi loves! How are you? I hope you’re all feeling amazing today. ^_^ First, let me thank everyone who joined my birthday+blogiversary giveaway in collaboration of my two blogger friends–Aiza and Danica (thanks again, ladies). We had fun and we hope you did too! ^_^

Alright, so now I want to share with you what’s inside my September 2014 BDJ Box. I loved my August 2014 BDJ Box and I’m lucky to have a very supportive and thoughtful boyfriend who signed me up for a 3-month subscription of BDJ Box! Yay! Love you, babe! <3 He got it for me after my birthday and our anniversary and now he’ll have a “surprise” gift for me every month until November. Hihi. Isn’t that sweet? I think every boyfriend should do that. What do you think, girls? Haha! Just kidding (only a little)! Hee.

Moving on, I was super happy that I received my September BDJ Box on the first day of shipping (unlike last month); I was actually not expecting it. Yay! I have a lot to say about this box but first, watch my unboxing video below. Okay? Here goes!

Below is a list of all the products inside my box, basic info (size & price) and my first impressions for each (couldn’t say everything on the video ‘coz then it’ll be too long).

Items and First Impressions

  1. Godiva Cleansing Kit – This product claims to be natural and safe for the skin so I might actually try it. I wish that the facial wash was in full size though.
    • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash (Php 85 for 50ml)
    • Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner (Php 60 for 60ml)
  2. Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel (Php 150 for 10g) – As I’ve said in the video, I like this product. It has a nice scent and I love how my skin feels after using this. I’ll be incorporating this to my skin care routine. And it’s awesome to get two of this!
  3. Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioners – Cream Silk is my go-to conditioners; it’s always nice to have stock of these.
    • Cream Silk Dry Rescue (Php 134 for 180ml)
    • Cream Silk Damage Repair (Php 134 for 180ml)
  4. Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin (Php 75 for 6ml x 6 capsules) – I’ve been wanting to try this just because I’m curious about it but I always hesitated buying one so it’s cool to have and try this. Got two packs, yay!
  5. Jergens Moisture Pack – I use Jergens because my mom sent us a lot of these last year (thanks, ma! <3). They’re not my holy grail but I do love them. I wonder if the packaging is the only new thing about this.
    • Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion (Php 88 for 100ml)
    • Jergens Daily Moisture Lotion (Php 153 for 200ml)
  6. Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock (Php 390 for 180ml) – It’s always good to have another bottle of suncreen! Haven’t tried this brand yet so I’m kinda excited for this.
  7. FS Single Eye Shadow in Olive Green (Php 150 for 4g) – I like the color. But I may or may not have too many shimmery eye shadows. Tsk.
  8. FS Gel Liner in Brown (Php 299 for 5ml) – Too bad it wasn’t black!!! I would still give this a try though.
  9. PAC Make Over Voucher (worth Php 1,500) – I’ll probably use it…if not, I’ll just give it to a friend.

 Theme, Worth, Quality

I love that this is a big box and it has a lot of items in it. I totally love that almost everything is in full size (even if some are small). It’s nice that this time, the information (price & size) on the pamphlet are accurate with the actual items in the box (except for Godiva facial wash). Although, when I first read the theme Beauty Innovations, I thought of new products/brands…not relaunched ones. But still, it was okay because I haven’t really tried some of these products/brands.

Price-wise, this box is absolutely worth it! It’s actually worth more than thrice the amount of what we paid for the subscription. Normally, a regular BDJ Box cost Php 580 (for the 3-month subscription, there’s a small discount) and the total worth of everything in this box is more than Php 1,858 (I didn’t count the sachets and voucher in).

So yep, I’m still happy for this month’s BDJ Box and I’m excited for my next two! ^_^

For subscription options and more information, you may visit BDJBox.com.

I’m curious…
Did you get a September BDJ Box too? What’s in your box?
Have you tried using any of the products in this box?
Leave a comment if you want me to do a review of any product/s in this box.

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