Weekly Wishes #4


Hi! I know the week’s almost over but let me just share my goals for this week. Also, I’m sorry for being MIA these past few days, I was not feeling well and was experiencing horrible pain in my ear. I had it checked already and I’m now recovering and actually feeling a bit better. I had a great week though, before all of that, and I’ve finally watched The Fault in Our Stars and it was totally-awesome-makes-me-want-to-watch-again! <3

By the way, thank you all for still reading my blog and leaving comments! It felt really good reading your sweet words. I love you girls, always, okay? Heh

Alright, I’ll be listing my weekly wishes below. I might be late posting about it but I swear, I’ve been doing them since the start of the week! ^_^


  1. Develop a new routine. Still stuck on my usual morning routine but hopefully, I’ll get to add more to that now that I’m feeling better.
  2. Read a book. started reading a book…heh
  3. Make smoothies. Just once though. But will try more this week!
  4. Have a craft day. Check! I’m trying a couple of new craft projects and I’m still getting the hang of it.


  1. Finish my “currently-reading” book. I might have grabbed the wrong book to read or whatever but I’m not really feeling it… Maybe it’s just me though, so I’m willing to give it a chance.
  2. Don’t drink sodas for the whole week. Sodas, softdrinks, carbonated drinks, whatever you call them, none of that for me this week!
  3. Sleep more. It’s weird because no matter how late I sleep at night, I will always wake up too early in the morning. I’m averaging at four hours of sleep at night and we all know that’s not good so yep, must sleep more!
  4. Get well. Hopefully, I’ll get better soon because I kind of hate taking meds.

This week’s goals are quite challenging TBH so pray for me sistahs! Haha

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    • Jean Quiambao says:

      Ang tagal! 🙁 The movie was good but if you read the book you’ll want to see more parts of it in the movie. But even if you haven’t read the book, you’ll appreciate it and the message was totally there too. And so much feels, bring a pack of tissue! Hehe 😀

    • Jean Quiambao says:

      I love Coke too! Huhu! But I’m really trying to avoid them. I would just read articles and watch videos on how sodas are bad for our body and health just to keep me focused on not having it. Hehehe 😀

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