Weekly Wishes #6: July Goals


Hello darlings! Has June been good to you? How’s your first week of July? I hope you’re all having a good start-of-the-month like I do. ^_^

June has been a bit of a struggle for me. I got sick, had an ear pain, got better, and got super busy with a lot of stuff. Nonetheless, I think I survived it pretty well. I was also able to attend two events before the month ended so it was pretty cool too.

It feels good to finish a whole month tracking my Weekly Wishes. I admit, it’s not perfect, I wasn’t able to achieve all my goals on time but it’s still good. It was very challenging and sometimes frustrating but I’m thankful because you keep motivating me. Your encouraging words helped me to be more committed to my goals, so thank you all! ^_^

I’m still catching up on my previous wishes so for now, I’ll just update you on my last month’s and this month’s wishes.


  1. Form a new habitThat’s waking up early. I still have to form regular and healthy sleeping habits but getting up early is huge and I’m glad for it.
  2. Blog more often. It’s fairly better than the past months before June but I could (and I will) do better.
  3. Read printed books only. Check! It was fun reading and touching real books; nothing compares to turning page after page, and feeling the paper on my finger tips!
  4. Spend lessDouble check!! I thought I couldn’t do it but I did. Yay, me!
  5. Catch up with the backlog. I’m halfway through it!


  1. Create a blog calendar. Sometimes, I can’t think of anything else (besides from the haul posts) to blog about (which is so not me); a blog calendar might help. I also think it’s a nice way to space out different kinds of topics that I have to write about.
  2. Plan ahead. In blogging (what the blog calendar is for), in meals/cooking, for my birthday (next month), and in life.
  3. Save up. There’s so many things I’d like to do and have; this has to be done.

My July goals are definitely very challenging but I’m committed to achieving them. I just need to focus, concentrate, be organized, and stay motivated. Good luck, self!

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  1. Miss`Chievous says:

    Yay for spending less! 🙂 I encourage you din to invest after you have saved up for your emergency fund.

    I also need a blog calendar!! Pero grabe tlga nakakatamad mag blog sa bahay. Walang signal minsan. Na interrupt yung gana ko mag blog!

    I wish you well sa mga wishes mo. And regarding sa request mo na earning online blog post, cge Ima try! 🙂 This week! Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading sis.
    Miss`Chievous recently posted…Weekly Wishes { Week 1 | July 2014}

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