Weekly Wishes #7


Hello loves! I hope you’re all safe and dry. Before I list down my goals for this week, let me just share a bit about my weekend. ^_^

I seriously can’t remember what I did last Friday except for organizing my stuff. Sheez, must have spent all day doing that! Oh wait, I think I started reading a new book that day and it’s a non-fiction book. Ha! On Saturday, I spent all day managing our online shop. I wish I was at Yummy Eats though. Oh well, there’s always next year! Haha! My night was dedicated to catching up on my favorite current US TV shows (MasterChef, Black Box, Chasing Life, and Young & Hungry, Under the Dome, Perception, etc.). Sunday morning was spent on more online shop work. Sunday night was another awesome (as always) night with my high school loves! We decided to go out for dinner and have a long-overdue catching up on everybody’s life. I was so happy to have my social life back even just for a few hours! Haha!

So yeah, I had a great weekend; I hope yours was great too! Alright, here’s my weekly wishes.


  1. Re-brand. Funny how I thought my blog’s birthday was March when it was actually August! I’ll explain more about it on a separate post but that realization made me realize that it’s the perfect time for me to re-brand my blog. I like my blog’s name, I chose it for a reason. But that was two years ago and I don’t think it’s appropriate anymore with my current blogging style. If you’ve noticed, I changed my blog’s description a few months ago. I want this to be a personal and lifestyle blog because I like sharing (ah, I used to share a lot of personal drama online before) and I told my self to dedicate this blog to all things happy, shiny, and bright; but still, with my personal experiences and opinions of course.
  2. Host a giveaway. If August if now my blogiversary and it’s also my birth month, then there’s more reason for me to host a giveaway! I did a giveaway just last month but I’m not the host of that. I’m still rummaging for prizes in my personal stash though. I want it to be a big giveaway because it’s supposed to be a celebration but, honestly, I’m having a bit of a hard time gathering items. I know I should probably look into my hauls but I use most of them and I gave some of them to my sisters. So, if anyone’s interested in sponsoring or collaborating with me for a giveaway, please do email me! Heh. I promise to try my best to do a giveaway, be it a small one or a big one. (Let’s hope it’s a big one!) ^_^
  3. Schedule posts. I should spend a day or two just drafting blog posts and scheduling them so that I’ll have a post everyday. I have no problem with topics because I still have a long list for that. The only challenge here is focusing on just doing that because, if you don’t know, I have an attention span of a five year old! Haha!

So there’s my goals for this week. Good luck to me!

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  1. Miss`Chievous says:

    Wow, rebranding! I’ve always been rebranding. Doubtful of my brand pa. T_T Maybe this link will inspire you more: http://www.quicksprout.com/2014/07/16/the-complete-guide-to-building-your-personal-brand/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email

    Tapos sa blog giveaway mo, I’d super like to join! Can I? Can I? Hihi. =)

    Go for your wishes sis! I’ve been skipping WW’s. Need to get back on track. hehe.
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