Weekly Wishes #8


Greetings netizens of the Interwebs! How’s your midweek going? I hope this rain is not bringing you down; cheer up you guys! ^_^

Honestly, I don’t know how to go about this week’s Weekly Wishes because I felt like I haven’t made anything last week. Thanks to the three-day blackout, I had zero productivity  this past week. I managed to make some “offline” progress though.

So, yeah, this week’s post is going to be short!


  1. Re-brand. I’m still in the process…I already thought of a new blog name but I’m still not sure about it…
  2. Host a giveaway. Never happened. Sorry! I’ll try my best to do it this week though!
  3. Schedule postsI scheduled two posts for the past weekend. I should have made more…


  1. Finalize the new branding. This needs to be done.
  2. Follow up. There’s so much to follow-up!!

I’m hoping that given this few goals, I’ll be able to do them on time. I have to admit, making and tracking these weekly goals can be very frustrating, especially whenever I don’t get everything done on time. However, it helps me keep committed to my goals and it can be very motivating knowing that I do have progress towards achieving those goals.

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The Nectar Collective

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  1. greenellephant says:

    Good luck with re-branding! Clicked through the Nectar Collective’s weekly wishes post. Agree with how these WW’s can be irritating to keep track, but in the end I’m hoping the little wishes we make weekly will get us closer to our bigger goals! Cheers!

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