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 Hi loves! So I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and finally, here it is! ^_^ Let me show you what’s in my everyday bag.

Well, I don’t really go out everyday now but when I do, I usually bring this bag with me. So yep, that brown satchel bag is my everyday bag! If you actually know me, you might be a little surprised with this post/photo because I don’t have the other stuff–my room/house–I usually put in my bag. But that’s because I’m a changed person now! Haha. Yes, I used to bring a huge bag, full of random “emergency” stuff, with me all the time but I finally got over it. Yay, me!

Anyway, here’s a quick video/vlog.

There are missing clips though. I can’t find the clips where I talked about my phone and key holder; the camera was not cooperating with me when I was recording this, huhu. But yes, they’re always in my bag. And actually, they’re two of the most essential things in my bag!

Normally, I would also have a book and my planner in there but they won’t really fit in that bag (well, they will if I don’t have all of the other stuff, tsk). So I just bring a small notepad and use my phone as an ebook reader.

You can find most of these stuff in my haul posts. If you want to know how I made that notepad cover, read my post here. ^_^

I’m curious…
What’s in your bag?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment down below. ;)
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