Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

christmas gift ideas for boyfriend

With less than a month left before Christmas, I’m racking my brain thinking of the best gift ideas for boyfriend. You have to understand, we’ve been together for so long and celebrated every occasion together, I’m actually running out of gift ideas. Plus the fact that I’m someone who likes giving gifts is not really helping. HELP! Haha!

If you haven’t noticed yet (from my previous posts), I like shopping online, it’s a a great way to browse for gift ideas and it saves me a lot of hassle before actually buying a gift. Like these virtual drums, I could probably get him one if he’s that much into making music. However, he’s more of a guitar guy and he already has a guitar, so…again…I don’t know what to get him! Hahahuhu

I may not have found the perfect Christmas gift for him yet but I found quite a lot of cool stuff online. I thought of sharing them here in case some of you are still looking for gift ideas.

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5 Shopping Tips for 12.12 LAZADA Online Revolution Sale

Were you able to maximize your shopping and saving skills on the past 11.11. LAZADA Online Revolution Sale? Save even more time and money with these five shopping tips for the upcoming 12.12 LAZADA Online Revolution Sale.

LAZADA Online Revolution Sale

LAZADA Revolution Sale is a month-long celebration of the top online shopping site. Their first biggest sale this year happened on 11.11 (November 11) with their hottest 11-peso deals. In a few weeks, their biggest sale event will end with a blast. On December 12, 12.12 LAZADA Online Revolution Sale will be a whole day of hot deals and flash sales. So gear up, sharpen your online shopping skills, and save more money with these tips:

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Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0

Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0

So glad I didn’t miss Blogapalooza Horizons 2.0: Charting the Uncharted this year! It was my third time to attend Blogapalooza. I was also at the Blogapalooza Horizons, held earlier this year, which was so different from my first Blogapalooza event last 2014. But I must say that the one held recently didn’t disappoint!

It was held last November 5th at the Versailles Event Garden & Tent at Novotel Manila. The place was legit Instagram-worthy; it was a step up from the previous venue. TBH though, since almost all of the booths were outdoors, it was such a struggle to roam around ‘cos, well, we live in the Philippines and that day was hotter than Chris Hemsworth!

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Save Money on Health, Beauty, & Wellness

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

It’s really challenging to save money especially if you’re like me who wants a lot of stuff. Heh. If you’re a frequent reader here, you know that my main interests are on Health, Beauty, and Wellness. So I definitely tend to spend more on that and I don’t really mind. Of course, I want to achieve a better health; discovering beauty products and trends makes me happy; and I really want to learn how to live a stress-free life.

I have to admit, I can be an impulsive buyer and I may or may not have hoarder tendencies. I know it’s not healthy and sometimes I really regret buying some stuff. The good thing is, since I’m aware of this, I can do something about it. I’m doing my best to change those bad habits, okay (so don’t judge). Heh. The key is knowing what you actually need and spending only on those things, so you can save money for more important things.

Speaking of saving money, one thing that I find helpful is using deals and coupons. Deal sites, like Groupon, are huge money-savers if you know how to pick the right deal and coupon that you can and will actually use. As always, do your research first and keep tab of the best and trustworthy deal sites. If you have the same interests as mine, check out these Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons.

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Sneak Peak to Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao’s Christmas Gift List + Gadgets Giveaway


With only 39 days before Christmas, how’s your gift shopping going? If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your family and favorite people, check out these practical suggestions. You might just find the perfect items to complete your Christmas gift list, just like Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao in their recent YouTube videos.

They showcased various Taiwan Excellence-accredited products that are perfect gift ideas for any occasions, especially during the Christmas season. TIP: Finish reading this ‘cos there’s a giveaway*winks

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QT Nail Polish: Era of Chromatics | Refashion Your Nails

QT Nail Polish Era of Chromatics Collection

Christmas is just around the corner and so are glittery and sparkly things to amp up your holiday vibe. You may not be able to wear a sparkly dress everyday but you can always sparkle your nails with the new QT Nail Polish: Era of Chromatics.

QT Nail Colors is a product of Weens Cosmetics Philippines; they also carry Weens Nail Polish and Emma Nail Varnish. Some of you might not have heard of them yet but I noticed that they’re quite popular in the local nail enthusiasts community.

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Manage Your Life with Taiwan Excellence Products

They say that if you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance, be a freelancer, if not your own boss. Ideally, it’s supposed to give you more time in your hands to do more besides your job. Personally, having a home-based work, I don’t really think that I’ve achieve a work-life balance. That’s probably my fault because I still focus more on work and the tasks I have to complete every day. Besides, more work means more money which means bigger budget for leisure, right? I know, that’s not a good excuse. In fact, I noticed that ever since I started using that excuse, I also started losing in life with lesser time for myself, friends, and family; poor health; and, basically, more stress. But do I really need to suffer in all of that just so I could possibly have a happier future? Do we all?

Nowadays, a lot of people find themselves searching for work-life balance. With demands from work, work-life balance appears to be an impossible feat, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Stop stressing and start achieving work-life balance with Taiwan’s best brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal, assuring customers of the products’ superior quality. A perfect slice of work-life balance can be possible with the following tips and Taiwan Excellence’s sports and leisure products.

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